What is a shower chair?

Shower chairs are key items for people with disabilities, and they allow people to wash and bathe with ease and dignity.

But do you what a shower chair is and what it does? Have a read!

What is a shower chair?

Sort of like a waterproof wheelchair, shower chairs are specially designed to give people the ability to use practically every part of the bathroom with ease.

Available in self-propelled and attendant-propelled models, shower chairs will usually have a larger gap beneath the seat to allow you to be positioned over the toilet. There will also be a horse shoe shaped aperture in the seat itself.

You can use shower chairs in bathrooms, wetrooms, and other damp environments. They are made using waterproof, non-corrosive materials that are much better suited to bathrooms.

As the name suggests, you can use a shower chair in the shower.

The Ocean shower chair

Here you can see the Ocean shower chair. As you can see, it’s a waterproof wheelchair that gives the ability to move around the bathroom with ease and dignity.

Shower chairs range in size and features depending on what you need. You can get a standard, basic shower chair that will allow you to move around the bathroom with no problems.

But if your needs are more complex, then there are other shower chairs that have more specialist features to suit you.

Why should you use a shower chair?

Shower chairs are very beneficial if you are disabled and need help getting around and using the bathroom.

Especially if you’re not steady on your feet, a slippy floor can be a nightmare. Shower chairs give you something to sit on to keep you safe and supported if you’re washing or using the toilet.

Shower chairs also give you the chance to take care of yourself and maintain good hygiene. You can use the toilet, wash and shower with ease.

If independence is a concern, then you might choose a self-propelled shower chair if you are strong enough to push yourself around. Self-propelled shower chairs give you independence and the ability to move around your bathroom with no hassle.

They’re also particularly versatile pieces of equipment because shower chairs can be doubled up as commodes. Many models have an aperture which allows for a removable commode pan to be fitted.

Showers chairs we would recommend

We stock a lot of different shower chairs, and just like other care equipment, it very much depends on your needs as to which models you should be looking at. If you’re just wanting a standard shower chair, then the Budget model is a fine option.

This is a lightweight shower chair that offers all the basic features like mobility, a round seat aperture, and waterproof non-corrosive materials.

If you’re looking for a shower chair that will suit more complex needs, then the Ocean Range is very good. You can choose between standard and self-propelled models, as well as ones that recline and tilt-in-space.

What’s more, these shower chairs are height adjustable so that you can get the most comfortable position possible.

The Raz shower chair

The Raz shower chair is slightly more specialist and is ideal for people with complex disabilities.

The Raz Rehab Range also has various models that offer great features. There’s a bariatric version as well that will suit people up to 42.5 stone in weight.

The Raz range is slightly more specialist because you can actually change the seat aperture to suit your body shape and your positioning.


So there’s your brief introduction to shower chairs and all they entail. We would highly recommend that anyone with mobility issues should use a shower chair when in the bathroom.

If you want more information on shower chairs and want to speak to a member of our team, get in touch!

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