Helping Clients With Their Postural Care Plans

The Client

We went to visit a client in the North East who had cerebral palsy and did not have suitable seating for his ongoing needs.

We did a joint visit to his home with a specialist OT and family members to understand his daily needs and specify a seating solution.


The Background

The young client did not have suitable seating to meet his needs. He was supported on the sofa with cushions but this was not comfortable for long periods of time, and he sometimes had to return to bed.

This was a detrimental step for him, as it was minimising his social interaction.

His current seating arrangement was causing considerable discomfort and resulting in a poor head and neck position.


The Challenge

The challenge was to find a seating solution that could form part of his 24hr postural care plan. This plan was a detailed prescription of care for the patient and central to the management of his condition.

Seating was a core element of his postural care plan and therefore had to meet a wide range of needs.

We also needed to increase his social mobility, giving him the ability to move freely around the house rather than being confined to certain areas.


The Solution

We supplied a Little Lento Care Chair, a smaller version of the Lento Care Chair, designed for small adults and children up to 5’ 2”.

This met his needs on a variety of fronts.

  • Firstly, it provided the correct postural support with the right backrest, arm height, and seat dimensions.
  • It provided a good neck and head support position, with the addition of a tailor-made head cushion to correct his altered position.
  • The braked castors and push handles allowed him to be moved around the house, and tilted forwards and back using the handle levers if required.
  • The soft dartex material and cushioning gave substantial pressure relief, increasing his levels of comfort and reducing the risk of pressure sores.
  • The chair could compensate for his asymmetrical position, due to its adjustability and ability to reposition and reshape the cushions.


The Result

The result was outstanding, as confirmed by Amanda Jackson, Clinical Director and Specialist OT in charge of his postural care plan:

“The seating provision in the home is now much improved. Overall an excellent outcome in terms of all his seating needs. Excellent joint working between the Vivid.Care rep and OT during the assessment, and at delivery & setup.”

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Little Lento dual motor, tilt in space mobility recliner in different colours (light blue, green, orange & pink)