From Enquiry to Delivery in 24 Hours

When a customer needed a rise recliner to help them rehabilitate following an operation, Vivid Care found the right chair for their situation and delivered it within 24 hours!

The chair identified was The Lento Rise and Recliner Chair, chosen for its adjustability, features and Vivid Care’s speedy service.

The Need for a Rise and Recline Chair

Following an assessment by an occupational therapist, a recommendation was made for a rise and recline chair that met all the patient’s needs.

The chair had to be adjustable to cope with any changing needs of the patient and manoeuvrable to allow for user to be wheeled around their home.

There are many reasons patients can require riser recliners. The chairs can help users who are leaning forward with their hip and increasing the risk of falling or sliding out of the chair.

The chair also aids in preventing the development of pressure injuries that result from the increased pressure caused by leaning.

This can come through the tilt-in-space action that transfers pressure across the body or through the pressure relief cushion on the seat.

Adjustability: The Lento is fully adjustable to fit 80% of the population!

The adjustability of the Lento rise recliner allows the pressure relief cushion on the seat to be changed and replaced with a higher-pressure relief cushion if needed.

Manoeuvrability is also an important factor in rise and recline chairs; it is important that the chair’s user can be moved into different surroundings.

The durable castors (wheels) on the Lento chair mean this can be easily done by family or carers. This also allows for easy portering by nurses and other staff around a hospital setting.

Riser Recliner Chairs as Standing Aids:

The chairs are also regularly used as standing aids by users to help them into an upright position. This feature is particularly helpful for patients regaining their strength and confidence when standing.

There is a range of Standing Aids for the Elderly and Disabled available designed specifically to be used to help you stand up.

Rise and recline chairs act as a standing aid that comes with added adjustability and manoeuvrability features.


The Lento rise and recline chair met the recommendations made by the occupational therapist and

From Enquiry to Delivery in 24 Hours

Taking good care of you is what we are proud to do, and we love finding suitable and efficient solutions to your problems.

Shop our range of Rise and Recline Chairs and find the right one for you!

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