Raizer 2 vs Raizer M Lifting Chairs Compared | Cost & Features

The Raizer 2 and Raizer M lifting chairs tackle and provide solutions to the same issue of lifting a non-injured person from the floor safely and quickly. However, these two chairs go about this task of reducing the potential for a long lie after a fall in slightly different ways.

This is because the Raizer 2 and the Raizer M lifting chairs are both ideally suited to different situations.

  • The Raizer 2 lifting chair is ideal for anyone who expects to be performing multiple chair lifts and regularly. This can
  • The Raizer M Lifting chair, however, is designed to meet domestic and home-based falls where reduced mobility individuals may only require the Raizer M from time to time.
What is the difference between Raizer 2 and Raizer M?

The Raizer M is a non-electric and more cost friendly version of the Raizer 2 lifting chair. It is operated by a turn handle that is inserted into the seat unit and turned to lift a fallen person. The Raizer 2, however is fully electric and can be controlled by a remote, this chair lift raises a user with a battery powered lift and performs up to 80 lifts per charge.

How Much Weight Can a Raizer Lift Chair Hold?

The Raizer 2 & Raizer M lifting chairs can lift fallen people up to a weight limit of 150kg (23.6 stone or 330lbs).

Why Choose the Raizer 2 Lifting Chair Over a Raizer M?

The Raizer 2 lifting chair is designed for performing regular chair lifts for non-injurious falls. The large battery capacity allows for up to 80 chair lifts on a single charge.

A technology enabled healthcare solution to long lies, the Raizer 2 lifting chair also comes with an incredibly handy remote control.

When performing multiple and regular lifts, the Raizer 2 lifting chair enables single handed care as the remote-control raising operation removes the risk of moving and handling injuries for carers during a manual lift.

This remote-control operation also gives the fallen person comfort and allows them to recovery from a fall in a dignified way.

As a result, the electrically powered and remote-controlled Raizer 2 allows a falls response assistant to provide single handed care and is a device that technology enabled care.

The Raizer 2 is ideal for anyone looking to perform regular chair lifts, this can include but is not limited to:

  • Community based falls response teams.
  • Urgent emergency care teams.
  • Inpatient wards.
  • Community centres.
  • Sports stadiums.

This more high-tech falls response solution costs slightly more than it’s manual counterpart because of the electrical components used.

What is the Benefit of a Raizer M over a Raizer 2?

The main difference between the Raizer 2 and the Raizer M is in their electric vs manual operation.

The Raizer M lifting chair is manually operated via a smooth handle at the side of the seat unit. Simply turn this handle once the chair is assembled and begin to lift a fallen person from the floor in minutes.

The Raizer M differs from the Raizer 2 in price and comes in at a lower price point because of the materials and electrical components used that allow the Raizer 2 lifting chair to be fully electric and remote controlled.

Aside from the manual operation, the Raizer M Manual lifting chair is the same as the Raizer 2 and is a safe, reliable and hassle free way to lift a fallen person from the floor. This single handed chair lift has been built to support people of various weights.

Which Raizer Lifting Chair is Right for Me?

The Raizer lifting chair that is right for your situation very much depends on your expected use. If you are a private individual or only expect to use the Raizer every now and then, following an accident for yourself or a loved one, then the Raizer M Manual lifting chair would be the recommended choice.

If you expect to use the Raizer lifting chair to pick people up from the floor a lot more regularly, to the point that you may deplete the large 80 lifts on a single charge capacity, then the Raizer 2 Lifting Chair is the right falls response device for you.

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