Vertica Powered Electric Toilet Riser - Standard & Bariatric

The Vertica powered toilet riser is a unique product featuring a vertical rise action with no tilt. It is designed to maximise safety, privacy and independence for low mobility, elderly & disabled users when getting on and off the toilet.


With standard & bariatric powered toilet risers, users up to 32 stone (203kg) can be supported and the risk of injury greatly reduced.


The high, vertical rise allows users who must lock their knees before standing to do so. Operated with a simple two button remote.


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Product Features

This powered electric toilet riser operates with a unique vertical action designed to offer confidence & independence to users as they sit down and get safely back up when using the toilet.

No installation, ground fixing or assembly is required. So, you can start using the Vertica list seat straight away to enhance independence and privacy in the bathroom!

The streamlined frame is designed to fit in any toilet space. Plus, the Vertica powered toilet riser is suitable for use with wet dry toilets.

How does it work?

The Vertica electric toilet lift seat rises up completely vertically with no tilt at any point! This vertical movement, along with a high rise, means people can lock their knees before standing if needed.

Simply use the handset to slowly and smoothly lower yourself into a sitting position over your toilet. You can then use the toilet independently, and finally, raise yourself back up to your feet using the same handset.

 Key Features

  • Powered toilet riser
  • True vertical rise with no tilt
  • Standard & bariatric versions are fully height adjustable
  • Rechargeable battery & mains power options
  • Simple 2 button handset – Large-buttoned option available for those with reduced hand strength or visual impairments
  • Flat seat for easy transfers
  • Portable – no fixings required
  • Levelling feet for use on uneven floors

Product Specifications

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