Seahorse Children's Shower & Commode Chair

The Seahorse is an adaptable, comfortable children’s shower chair, the structure of which is based around two sizes of frame each accommodating two sizes of soft liners to provide four size options.


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Product Features

The Seahorse is a shower/commode chair for children, and comes in vivid colours to make it looking more aesthetically appealing. The seahorse pattern on the straps also helps to make the chair look more interesting, and should help to keep a happy, calm atmosphere at toileting and shower times.

This commode chair has particularly good longevity as it is adjustable to accommodate the child’s growth over time. The integral structure can fit 2 different sized liners; these will both be used as the child physically develops. The liners are soft, and provide 4 size options between them.

The chair is crafted to fit comfortably over a normal toilet, or to be used with a commode pan. The frame has a high centre of gravity allowing the seat to be tilted for washing and showering. This feature will allow greater access to the parent/carer when washing the child, and in turn should make them more comfortable in the process.

Key Features:

  • For paediatric use
  • Bright, playful design
  • Different sizes liners accommodate the child’s growth over time
  • Can be tilted for better access at shower time

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