Rota-Pro Turning Bed

Created with the care & nursing of low mobility users in mind, this turning bed for disabled and elderly users feature a range of benefits and adjustability that make of our profiling beds

Rota Pro Low Turning Bed provides all the

. Except it has very unique rotating swivel mechanism which will rotate the entire mattress platform around, swivelling the client round into a chair position and enabling them to stand much easier. The inbuilt height adjustment can then tailored to the perfect height to stand from.



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Product Features


The number one reason the Rota Pro Low has been designed is to promote independence and dignity whilst removing risk of moving and handling injuries for carers and patients alike.

Low Platform Height

Unlike many other turning beds on the market, The Rota Pro low goes down to an incredibly low height of 36cm which makes it suits for users under 5’5ft.


The mattress which comes included with the Rota Pro Low has been specifically designed to work with the rotational platform of bed, it offers a medium pressure relief for people at risk of pressure sores and its 4 way stretch vapour permeable cover allows for easy cleaning and comfort. It also comes complete with 2 sets of soft cotton sheets, a pillow retainer and foot block cover.


When your bed is delivered it can be programmed to your personal preference, altering seating positions, rotation and profiling settings to make it exceptionally comfortable for the user.

The bed can be set up to either swivel to the right or left hand side dependant on the room layout.

Battery Backup

In case of a power cut the Rota Pro Low has an extensive battery backup to ensure safety.


To backup our believe in the quality of the Rota Pro Low, it is provided with a 3 year warranty on the metal work and motors as standard.


To enable the easy maneuverability within a room this bed has 4 twin individually braked castors.

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