Alumina Lightweight Travel Boot Scooter

The Alumina is our lightest boot scooter. It very easily splits into 4 individual pieces for lifting into the car which means the heaviest part is only 9.98kg!

It manages to achieve this by using an Aluminium chassis and the latest lithium battery technology.


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Product Features


The Alumina comes as standard with suspension on all 4 wheels which is very unique for a smaller travel scooter.


The Alumina has been specifically designed for travel, it very easily splits into 4 pieces which makes lifting and storing in a car incredibly easy.

Battery Technology

Using the latest Lithium battery technology the Alumina offers a 15 mile range with the standard sized battery or even a 30 mile range with the larger battery pack.

Swivel Seat

The Alumina comes complete with swivel seat and flip back armrests to make transfering on and off the scooter as easy as possible.


The Alumina is compatible with most vehicle hoists, if you are struggling to lift your scooter then you could consider a vehicle hoist from our partner Autochair


We have this scooter available for a demonstration at our showroom in Harrogate or alternatively we could organise a home demonstration dependant on your area.

Product Specifications

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