Server W Rollator with Gutter Armrests

The Server W Rollator has been specifically designed with gutter armrests so that it can take more of the users weight across a greater surface. Ideal for people who can’t put much weight through their hands, the pressure is spread across the forearm with an easy access adjustable brake. Very commonly used in a mobility training and rehabilitation setting.



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Product Features


The Server W has an easy folding mechanism which makes it ideal for storing at home and even transporting in the car.

Height Adjustable

The handles are adjustable between 75-115cm ensuring it suits users of all heights.


The frame and seat have been tested up to a maximum weight of 150kg.

Optional Accessories:

  • One Hand Brake – This is fantastic adaption for clients who have limited ability in one hand, it means both brakes can be simultaneously applied by just one brake handle.
  • Slow Down Brake – This is an adjustable automatic brake which provides resistance to the walker, we’ve found this works really well for people with Parkinson’s or users which generally need a more stable feeling.
  • Fixed Seat – For users that don’t feel supported on the flexible seat, this sits over the top of the existing seat and offers more support whilst increasing the seat height by 3cm.
  • Tray – This tray fits over the seat section and provides a tray with high edges and a non slip surface to carry drinks and food.

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