3-Wheel Folding Walker With Seat

The ‘Triumph Uniscan’ is a 3 wheeled walker with a seat in a practical foldable design that is built to support elderly, disabled & low mobility users up to 24 stone. This wheeled walker is designed with a practical front carrying caddy with a zipped pocket and a walking stick holder.


This everyday mobility aid features easy-to-use one-touch locking lever brakes at the handles and can be squeezed to slow down or stop, then pushed down firmly to lock the wheels prior to sitting on this rollator.


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Product Features

Support elderly disabled or otherwise low mobility users with this seated rollator. At just 21” off the ground, the Triumph Uniscan 3 wheeled walker with padded seat is both an incredibly sturdy mobility aid, but this rollator also comes with a seat for use when the user requires a rest.

This folding rollator designed with height adjustable handles to ensure low mobility users maintain good posture when walking.

Practical Features Throughout

This rollator features a handy seat and a practical front carrying caddy and a zipped storage pocket storing items safely. This seated rollator also boasts a handy walking stick holder which allows the user to take a walking stick on days out.

This folding rollator walker with seat walker also has a ‘one-touch’ locking lever brakes similar to a bicycle that are squeezed to slow down or stop, then pushed down firmly to lock the wheels prior to seating.

Durable Folding Rollator Frame

At just 1 stone in weight, this lightweight, 3 wheeled walker with seat is a go to mobility aid for daily life. This folding rollator clips easily together and can stand unsupported upright. The sturdy, durable frame rests on puncture proof tyres that can be controlled with practical hand brakes that can be pushed down to lock the wheels.

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