Hip'Guard Falls Protection Belt

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Hip’Guard is a falls protection belt for elderly users prone to fragility fractures. This discreet and reliable falls injury solution detects a fall and inflates an airbag in under 1 second to avoid hip fractures and injuries.


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Product Features

Providing falls injury protection, the Hip’Guard is a wearable belt that uses innovative technology to deliver optimum protection against falls. The HipGuard can detect when a fall is occurring and will inflate the built-in airbag to cushion the user’s hips from impact. With different size options and a lightweight, flexible design, the Hip’Guard falls injury protection belt is a subtle solution that provides protection and peace of mind.

Hip’Guard User Video

How to Reuse Hip’Guard Belt – Instructions for Deflating Airbags & Replacing Cartridges – YouTube

Ergonomically designed to reduce the chance of hip fractures

The airbag has been specially designed to protect the top of the femur – minimising the risk of hip fractures. With a unique horseshoe shape, the cushion isolates the femoral neck and redistributes the force of the fall around the bone instead of directly on it.

Once the wearer has had a fall, the airbag will stay inflated for a few seconds before gently deflating. This will make it easier for the person to manoeuvre themselves and stand back up wherever possible.  

How it works

The Hip’Guard falls injury protection belt is fitted with an electronic motion analysis system that will measure and analyse the wearer’s movements in real-time. It will measure the user’s steps and general movement to get a greater understanding of how they move – and more importantly – when their movement might have gone wrong. The system will use this data to detect when the person might be falling in just 0.2 seconds!

Using cutting-edge technology, Hip’Guard will detect which side the person is falling to and will inflate the airbag around their hip in less than a tenth of a second. This means the wearer will be protected and cushioned before they hit the ground.

Step By Step Guide to How the HipGuard Works

The most effective hip protection on the market

Hip’Guard has undergone rigorous trials to ensure that it’s providing the best protection possible. It reduces impact force by 90% and has been tested for numerous types of falls and in various situations.

The easy usage and reliable design of the Hip’Guard also make it an ideal option in care facilities, hospitals, and at home. It provides protection to whoever’s wearing it!

Comfortable, easy, everyday wear

Hip’Guard is completely automatic and is incredibly easy to use. To switch it on, simply fasten the belt around your hips. To switch it off, you just remove it!

The belt will also alert the wearer if it is being worn incorrectly or if the battery needs charging. It can last up to seven days on a full charge for complete peace of mind.

The airbag is also reusable after a fall. All you need to do is fold it back up and replace the gas cartridge.

Independently verified and proven

Hip’Guard has been certified by independent testing body Critt to reduce impact force by 90% and to reduce shock by 9-fold when compared to standard hip protectors.

The product has also been tested and verified by Grenoble University in France, one of the biggest scientific centres in Europe, with 3100 researchers. The in-depth study involved 17 types of falls and 29 everyday life situations, and Hip’Guard was proven to be an extremely effective way of reducing hip fractures from falls.

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