Molift Raiser Pro Patient Transfer Aid

Designed to aid moving and handling tasks, the Molift Raiser Pro is a patient transfer device that encourages natural movements.


Designed with an ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer. Ideal for short transfers and use in areas where space is a concern.


Versatile and suitable for care homes, NHS loan stores and a range of multi-user healthcare environments as well as single user homes.


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Product Features

Natural movement patterns
Molift Raiser Pro gives the user the opportunity to use their own muscle power during a transfer. The natural movement pattern is stimulated and the ergonomic design makes the user feel safe during the entire transfer. Molift Raiser Pro is intuitive which makes it easy to understand and use.

Transfers in confined spaces
Molift Raiser Pro is stable and can turn within its own radius which makes it very easy to manoeuvre. It is ideal in confined spaces, for instance in toilets. Molift Raiser Pro ensures safe, active standing support during short transfers, such as between beds and wheelchairs/shower chairs. It assists carers when carrying out transfers with minimum risk of injury.

Works in all healthcare environments
Molift Raiser Pro helps users to train and rehabilitate in all healthcare environments, during every transfer so mobilisation can begin early, right in the intensive care unit. The user can initially improve their balance when sitting and standing up. Molift Raiser Pro always provides safe support.

Ergonomics for carers and users

Molift Raiser Pro has developed from an ergonomic perspective. It is a sit-to-stand aid that not only includes the physical but also the psychological, tactile and “human factors”. Learn more about how the thoughtful ergonomic design – down to the smallest detail – improves the ergonomics in everyday care, for both the carer and the user, in many ways.

Low Step-on Height

The base height is only 35 mm. To facilitate the placement of the feet, there are visible contours and an anti-slip feature on the stand surface.

A Versatile Handle

The handle has a soft warm feel and is designed to provide optimal grip. The many grip possibilities offer both the user and carer a comfortable grip.

Central Brake

A central mechanism makes braking convenient for the carer. A one-foot touch on one side and you get auditive feedback when it’s activated. Safe and efficient.

One-Hand Adjustment

With a gentle one-hand grip, the leg support is easily adjusted. The central braking mechanism can be controlled from a standing position, rather than kneeling. The leg support has soft and hygienic padding with lateral support and divided pads.

Product Specifications

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