QuickMove Active Transfer Aid

The QuickMove is an active transfer and transport aid, designed for users with poor balance and lower limb strength.


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Product Features

The QuickMove is an active transfer aid designed and crafted to support individuals with poor balance and lower limb strength. It’s an ideal piece of equipment for individuals who can raise themselves to an upright or semi-upright position, and can also be used as a turning device to transfer the user from bed to chair or similar.

When the individual has risen using their own strength, the carer of the user can fold down the cushions behind the posterior to give sturdy support. The user then has the option to remain standing or to be seated during the transfer itself. The support of the cushions behind the buttocks and the knee-brace help to facilitate a stable, safe transfer.

When the user is ascending, the carer can, with a simple push on the handle, angle the cushions to assist achieving a standing position. The user can then be wheeled with ease. A simple push on the QuickMove transfer aid as the user is getting into a seated position ensures that they are positioning at the back of the chair. This will encourage good posture.

The QuickMove has a stable construction and can manage users up to 170kg (26¾ stone) in weight. It’s ideal for hospitals, care homes, and domestic settings.

Key Features:

  • Split seat pads that swing-away and flip-up
  • Tilting, height and depth adjustable knee/shin pads
  • Foot pedal to adjust leg spread
  • Angle adjusting crossbar for handgrips and positioning

Product Specifications

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