Rotunda Transfer Aid

A moving and handling essential, this Rotunda is designed for seat-to-seat transfers when a weight bearing client’s mobility is restricted. It features a curved support frame, which helps to reduce the risk of falling.


The Rotunda is a tried & tested patient transfer aid used in hundreds of NHS and private hospitals, care homes, assessment centres, rehabilitation clinics, schools & private homes across the UK.


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Product Features

The Rotunda transfer aid is designed for assisting with movement from seat to seat. Featuring a curved support frame that helps to reduce the risk of falling, this patient transfer aid is a simple, secure way to move individuals with restricted mobility.

The non-slip disc rotates smoothly in both directions, whilst a hand operated locking device is equipped with a variety of locking positions for a safer transfer. The Rotunda is fitted with housekeeping wheels for easy manoeuvring when required. Gutter arm support or knee support versions are also available.

Safer, Comfortable & Dignified Experience For Patients

Crafted with a durable, sturdy frame instils confidence in the patient as they transfer between a bed, seat, commode or wheelchair.

The wide turntable provides a stable and safe area that the patient can confidently step on to while the transfer takes place. The Rotunda rotates up to 180 degrees between five different positions with a locking device to ensure patient safety.

Clear, high visibility features for hand and feet placement reduce patient risk and fear of falling.

The curved support frame provides added security and peace of mind as the patient is actively involved in the transfer, which will help improve their circulation and they can enjoy a sense of independence rather than just being passively lifted from one place to another.

A Simplified Moving & Handling Solution for Carers

Moving a person with limited mobility from a bed to a wheelchair is a difficult process with many hazards. To the carer the risk of back injury in carrying out this task repeatedly throughout the day is a very real occupational hazard. Fortunately using the Rotunda patient transfer aid greatly diminishes this risk as it eliminates the need to lift the patient.

provided the appropriate risk assessment has been undertake, a single carer can manage the transfer when using the Rotunda in the majority of cases.

Easy to manoeuvre over all types of floor coverings including carpet thanks to the large wheels.

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