WendyLett Slide Sheets

The WendyLett Slide Sheet System that helps carers with moving and handling of patients, hygiene procedures, as well as turning and repositioning in bed for wound management and pressure injury care.


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What is a WendyLett sheet?

Consisting of 2 different parts, the WendyLett System is a base sheet to be used on top of a mattress, on top of which a WendyLett2Way or WendyLett4Way sheet is used. These sliding sheets are incredibly efficient with moving and handling, hygiene procedures, and turning and repositioning in bed.

What are WendyLett sheets made of?

The base sheet of this transfer aid is made from satin. The WendyLett2Way is a top sheet made of a material that works with the base sheet.

The top sheet will slide sideways along the direction of the stripes on the top sheet. Sliding sideways is made easy without risk of sliding off the bed by the anti-slip material at both sides of the sheet.

It is intended to slide sideways along the direction of the stripes. The reduces the chances of sliding down in bed.

The WendyLett4Way is a sliding top sheet that offers multidirectional sliding on the base sheet. It can ‘braked’ to prevent the individual from sliding down the bed by folding the sheet back underneath.

What Is A Glide Sheet Used For?

Also known as a ‘glide sheet’ WendyLett sheet is ideal for the care of users who perhaps struggle to turn in bed and may require the assistance of a carer to reposition them. The Wendylett glide sheets allow this to be done safely for the patient and with reduced moving and handling injury risk for the carer.

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