Birdie Evo Folding Mobile Hoist

The Birdie Evo mobile hoist is truly unique, it is available in electric and manual versions. The special folding design makes storage and transportation easy and the addition of new technologies maximises comfort and security during lifting.


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Product Features

This unique mobile hoist offers excellent stability, security and comfort during every transfer as well as compact structure when transporting. The Birdie Evo mobile hoist is incredibly fast and easy to use with a snap-lock mechanism for extra security when folding. The mast and boom can also be easily detached from the base, and none of this disassembly requires tools!

Featuring a specially curved boom section and spreader bar, the Birdie Evo allows the carer and user to maintain eye contact during. This helps the carer to reassure the user if needed, making the hoisting process more comfortable.

This mobile hoist also boasts incredible manoeuvrability and comfort lifting with the option of a 2-point or 4-point spreader bar. The quick release clip also means that it’s easy to switch between bars without any fuss. The manual legspread comes with a foot lever, but the Birdie Evo can be fitted for a handle should this be necessary. An electric legspreader can be added to the model with ease.

The Birdie Evo mobile hoist is aesthetically pleasing, coated in a hardwearing grey colour that does not show dirt. Plus, the frame, actuators, and control box all come with a 5-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Easily transported mobile hoist
  • Ergonomic hook design allows carers to attach a sling one-handed
  • Can be folded away and put up with no need for tools
  • Curved boom keeps the user at the optimum distance from the mast
  • Quick-release clip for swapping spreader bars

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