Robin & Robin Mover Hoist Unit

The Robin hoist units can be used in a vast range of environments, ensuring a secure and comfortable lift. Choose the Robin Mover for powered movement on tracking.


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Robin Hoist Unit

Proven to be a popular choice with Occupational Therapists, specialist schools, hospices, nursing homes and a whole host of other care environments, the Robin hoist unit is unique due to the fact that it does not have a spreader bar. The Robin hoist is a manual traverse hoist that centralises directly over the individual when lifting to ensure a safe, comfortable lift.

The Robin has 2 tie tapes that come in a variety of lengths to allow for very high ceilings. This hoist unit can also accommodate users up to 200kg (31½ stone) in weight and comes with a 3-year warranty. With a built-in smooth soft start setting, the Robin makes the user as comfortable as possible, and the 2-speed motors make transfers faster and gentler. The handset cable of this hoist unit disengages to avoid damage from hand control pull along. Should a powered traverse model be necessary, the Robin Mover is also available.

Built-in safety settings of the Robin include emergency lowering, raising, and stop functions in the motor unit. The lifting mechanism boasts an overload security system, self-adjusting strap inlet and centrifugal braking. The patented tie tapes enable the caregiver to attach a sling to the hoist with minimal effort and maximum security. The Robin is also fitted with an external emergency battery pack and a light that indicates when there is a battery fault.

Key Robin Hoist Unit Features:

  • Automatically adjusting strap inlet
  • Stable two strap design for flexibility
  • Emergency lowering, raising and stop functions
  • Maximum user weight of 200kg
  • Charges through handset

Robin Mover

Featuring an integrated traverse motor, the Robin Mover boasts the same features as the Robin with the additional feature of motorised traverse movement along the track. This makes self-hoisting possible should it be necessary. This overhead hoist unit includes the 2 tie tapes instead of a spreader bar, which gives a more comfortable lift and reduces the clinical aesthetic often associated with a spreader bar.

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