Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility


We recognise we live in an inter-connected world and interact with the society and environment in which we live.

With our driving mission to improve lives we want to make a positive impact for good in the world around us by acting sustainably. These are the ways we practically demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Looking To The Future

We continue to grow and develop as a company while being mindful of how our actions today affect future generations. One of our strategic objectives is to become carbon neutral by 2035. We have developed a roadmap for implementation and our strategic targets underpin our quest for Net Zero.

Sustainable Operations

We use our creative mindset to bring sustainability to all our operational practices.
In each area of operations we have specific goals to meet:

Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Source all energy from renewable sources
  • Install energy-efficient LED lighting in all workplaces


  • Replace plastic chair protection with reusable covers
  • Recycle waste wherever possible
  • Reduce paper use through digitisation and e-invoicing
  • Reuse packaging on inbound deliveries for outbound freight


  • Purchase in bulk to reduce transport miles
  • Source from domestic suppliers to reduce air and sea freight
  • Include environmental criteria in our procurement tenders


  • Switch passenger fleet to electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Careful planning to achieve route optimisation and reduce CO2 impact
  • Encourage our staff to use public transport, push bikes or car-share
  • Utilise video conferencing

Product Innovation

We are committed to creating products that can be reused, recycled and reconfigured.

  • Reusable – our products are fully adjustable ensuring reuse over their life-cycle
  • Recyclable – all components can be sourced and swapped giving longevity
  • Resilience – our products are robust and built to last!

Thought Leadership

As a progressive and forward-thinking company we want to be a torchbearer of innovation in solving the healthcare issues of today. We have a rolling programme of training, webinars and though-leading content to provide education on issues we care about:

  • Reducing pressure on the NHS
  • Reducing ambulance callouts
  • Encouraging single-handed care
  • Speeding up rehabilitation
  • Improving efficiencies in care

People Are Our Greatest Asset

We have a strong sense of community and value our people. We foster a culture of team spirit, collaboration and trust and invest in our staff through training and personal development to help them realise their full potential.


We show compassion and support for people in need. These are some of the charities we donate to on a regular basis and their worthy causes:

  • Rapid Relief Team – RRT displays care and compassion to people in crisis through free catering assistance and support to emergency services and other public bodies (
  • The Grace Trust – supports a wide range of other charities in different sectors, carefully choosing organisations who support those in need (
  • Harrogate Welfare Fund – supports disadvantaged people in our home town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire
  • Sponsor-a-Student – helping young people enter the world of work through sponsoring the Career Advantage Programme