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Dependall: Simplifying supply chains

As a third-party logistics provider, Dependall boasts over 700,000 sq. ft of warehouse space to take care of your storage and 3PL requirements.

Dependall’s logistics service came into its own when managing the equipment set-up and decommissioning of the Nightingale hospitals and vaccine centres in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their service range has since expanded to include:

warehousing and white glove


Dependall provides third party storage and logistics solutions for public and private sector organisations. They have a full inventory management system with integrated systems for clients of any size or speciality.


White Glove Logistics

Their trained delivery drivers and delivery networks provide a quality delivery experience for your clients.



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Recycling & sourcing

Sourcing & Procurement

Working with clients in the medical, food and raw materials industries has given Dependall a wealth of experience in bulk product sourcing.



Redistribution & Recycling

A flexible and efficient redistribution service to move your assets between locations or via storage. Recycling services are also provided involving the collecting, consolidating and recycling of waste.


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vehicles and aid

Vehicle Parking

Dependall provide on-site parking for freight and heavy goods vehicles.



Humanitarian Aid

Dependall work with NGOs to provide humanitarian response and food supplies to areas of conflict and crisis.


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