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Electric Profiling Beds & Mattresses

Reclining Mobility Beds

Reclining mobility beds designed to provide care at home to low mobility patients. Ideal for recent hospital discharges. NHS criteria compliant. UK delivery.

What are Reclining Mobility Beds?

Electrically height adjustable motorised beds designed with an adjustable footrest and reclining headrest. These medical recliner beds allow patient care at home and are ideal for recently discharged hospital patients.

Profiling Beds: The Benefits

Motorised recliner beds are designed to raise a reduced mobility person’s head and legs using an electrical handset that is wired to the side of the bed.

These electrical rise and fall beds help a low mobility person place less strain on their muscles.

Electric recliner beds also aid blood flow to prevent/manage pressure sores and ulcers.

Mobility Beds with Side Rails

Several of our profiling beds feature the option of adding grab rails for more stability and safety when getting in and out of bed.

A recliner bed with mobility bed rails can also stop a person from falling out of bed during the night.

Portable Recliner Beds on Wheels:

Ideal for nursing/care homes facilities, these electric controlled profiling recliner beds come with caster wheels for easy portability.

A mobility bed on wheels also makes make cleaning tasks much easier.

Height Adjustable

These height adjustable recliner beds can be raised up to a carers waist to make tasks easier.

They can also be lowered make it easier to get out of bed for anyone that is prone to falls.

Easy to Use Electric Handset

Our recliner beds have electric remote controls that allow you to adjust the bed with just a few buttons.

Electric Medical Recliner Chair Bed:

A popular choice for very low mobility patients is the motorised ‘chair bed’ that rotates from a mobility bed into a chair for effortless exit.

Profiling Bed Base & Pressure Relief Mattresses:

For extra care at home, you can buy these electric recliner beds along with features designed to prevent bedsores/ulcers including various profiling bed mattresses

Low Risk Users: Foam pressure relieving mattresses

High Risk Users: Alternating airflow mattresses for higher risk users.

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Colour Options

You can opt for a range of wood colour options as a finish that provide a non-medical homely feel.

NHS Criteria Compliant

Recently discharged from hospital and need a care bed at home?

All our electric profiling beds & mattresses are NHS criteria compliant and can be delivered to your home in days!

Learn more on how recent hospital discharges can get an electric profiling bed at home with NHS help.