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Materials & Colours

We understand the critical role our chair materials play, not only in enhancing comfort but also in pressure relief, facilitating infection control measures, and enabling personalisation through different colour options.  On this page we delve into the many attributes of our carefully chosen chair materials, and their contribution to specialist care.

Materials & Colours
Ultima & Maximo Material Colours

Maximo Faux Leather - Lento Outer Material

We use the Maximo material on the outside surfaces of our Lento chair range.

Maximo is a clinically approved quality faux leather material, created by Cristina Marrone.  It is soft and supple to the touch, and comes in a beautiful range of colours.  It is Crib5 tested (fire regulations), and has an astounding rub test result of 300,000 rubs.  It can also withstand very rigorous cleaning making it ideal for infection controlled environments.

Stock Items For Immediate Delivery: The Lento Care Chair, Lento Bariatric Chairs, Lento Mobile and Lento Neuro are stocked in the “Steel” Colour on all outer surfaces.  The Little Lento Care Chair is stocked in the “Mist” Colour.

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Dartex Material

Dartex - Lento Seat and Cushion Material

We use the soft and comfortable yet durable Dartex material on all of our Lento chair cushions and seats.

Dartex is a polyurethane fabric that boasts four way stretch, is fully water resistant, eco-flame retardant, and can even be machine washed.  Dartex was originally developed for the NHS during the 1900’s, and is our fabric of choice for specialist seating.

Stock Items For Immediate Delivery: All Lento chair seats and cushions are stocked and ready for delivery in the “Black” colour.

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Colour Options

Looking For Something Brighter?

We can also offer you the Agua "Paint Pot" faux leather material as the outer finish on your chairs, with a much brighter range of colour options. Get in touch to receive the full colour swatch booklet.

Paint Pot Colour Options
Little Lento WIth Bright Red Finish

Why Is Colour Important?

Having colour options is vital when choosing care chairs, especially when you are purchasing them for your home or community care environments. 

Enabling a chair user to choose the colour for themselves adds to that sense of comfort and personalisation, which in turn helps their emotional state during treatment, recovery, or the daily challenges presented by their condition.  Colour can also significantly impact mood, with certain hues promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Additionally, if you are buying specialist seating for your care home, hospice, or other multi-user healthcare environment, you can now ensure your new fleet of chairs is in your own brand colours!

Infection Control Washing Hands

Infection Control

We understand the importance of maintaining a strict infection control programme in multi-user healthcare environments. 

Good infection control underpins successful treatment and patient outcomes.  That’s why we have chosen the durable and easy-to-clean Maximo and Dartex materials for our Lento Chair range.

Material Attributes:

  • Able to withstand regular cleaning with detergent-based solutions.
  • Rigorous daily wipe-downs with cloths and sponges.
  • Machine washable – the cushion and seat covers can be removed and cleaned in a washing machine.

Our friendly team can provide you with helpful advice and suggested chair cleaning procedures to assist you with infection control.

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Lento Care Chair Vivid Care

Pressure Relief and Care

Pressure care in seating is crucial, particularly for those with limited mobility and who spend extended periods of time in their chair.

Proper pressure care prevents the development of ulcers, and focuses on maintaining skin integrity.  The soft four way stretch Dartex fabric we use on our chair seats and cushions is designed just for this!  Users can be easy in their minds that the combination of an NHS-designed material with huge amounts of adjustability on the Lento range, means any nasty pressure wounds will be avoided.

Coming Soon: Pressure mapping information on our full range of Lento care chairs!

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