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Repair, Maintenance & Service Contracts

Put Yourself in Safe Hands by Taking Out a Service Contract With Us.

We know how critical it is to keep equipment in service, that’s why our engineers are targeted to resolve and repair issues on at least 90% of first visits. Our servicing contracts offer you peace of mind that all your equipment is looked after and that we will be on site with no delays waiting for purchase orders or authorisations.

Raizer lifting chair

Choose Your Level of Cover

Choose the service plan that best suits your individual needs and budget.

The options all include many benefits to you, that will help you reduce downtime in your department and improve patient outcomes by ensuring your equipment is in full working order whenever it needs to be used, and have that guaranteed backup if something unexpected does go wrong.

Advanced Technology

We use advanced scheduling technology to ensure our engineers are in the right place at the right time.

You`ll know exactly when they are due to arrive!  Plus, they have on-demand access to full-service histories for all equipment.  They can see any past works carried out straight away.  You don’t have to answer the same questions each visit, and we make sure nothing gets missed.

Our Digitalised Field Service Management System also includes “Best Technician Matching”, ensuring you have access to the most suitable engineer for an activity based on location, skillset, and availability, and also remote assistance for faster responses, and more efficient support lines in urgent situations.

What Cover Is Offered In Your Area?

The map on the right shows the maximum level of
cover you will be able to order based on where you
are in the UK. Contact us for specific location

For distances over 80 miles, additional charges may apply.

What Equipment is Covered?

We provide service contracts that offer repair and maintenance for your therapeutic seating and falls protection products. As the Raizer lifting device can only be serviced by authorised technicians with the relevant diagnostic software we are your go to provider for this in the north of England and Scotland.

What about accidents?  In the event of accidental damage or misuse our helpful engineers can provide repairs for equipment to get you back up and running quickly, we hold stocks of all the moving parts of the Raizer and seating range on our vans.

Enabling Sustainability

Remote assistance and advanced scheduling technology means that travel is minimised, and when needed, route optimisation ensures that CO2 impact is minimised.

This is important for our strategic objective to become carbon neutral by 2045!

How to Use Your Service Contract

Servicing visits will be scheduled by our Aftersales Team. We will contact you to arrange the visits according to the agreed intervals - one less thing for you to worry about!

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