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Lento Neuro Patient Care Chair

The cocooning Lento Neuro care chair is a brand new adjustable seating solution for people with neurological conditions (especially those with involuntary movement).  It was carefully designed in collaboration with experienced neurologists to address the complex postural and pressure care needs of those with Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, and many other conditions.   


The cocoon-shaped seat makes the user feel supported and ‘hugged’, calming ataxic movements whilst also ensuring there is no risk of entrapment.  The incremental recline enables low positioning perfect for sleeping, or otherwise a higher position for recreational activities.   


Designed for use in care homes, community and multi-user care facilities, hospices, and private residences. 



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    Product Features

    A Calming, Hugging Chair 

    The unbelievably comfortable ‘cocoon’ shaped seat of the Lento Neuro care chair gives the sensation of being hugged, making the user feel extremely safe and secure which can in turn reduce ataxic movements, and greatly improve mental health.  This is added to by the high levels of adjustability, incremental seat recline movement, and the soft materials. 

    The Lento Neuro is a chair that you can sleep in, a chair that you can eat in, and a chair that will take care of your postural and other clinical needs.   

    Seamless And Safe Design

    The seamless design of the Lento Neuro makes it free from recesses or possible areas of entrapment, always keeping people with involuntary movements safe. 

    This is added to by the detachable and channelled footrest, which helps keep the legs in position and align the person centrally in the chair, supporting their full body profile.  

    The footrest fastens securely and can be wheeled with the chair, or detached when not in use. 

    Supportive Backrest Options

    The backrest cushions are removable to create different configurations, such as standard waterfall, lateral waterfall or cocoon backrests. Extra lateral support wedges can be added to improve posture if required. 

    Adjustability For Clinical And Recreational Benefits

    The chair width, depth and angle adjustment allows it to be adapted to each individual person’s needs as their condition changes over time. It also means it can be used in multi-user care environments where several low mobility patients could be using the chair over time.  For specific width, depth and angle measurement ranges please see the product specifications below. 

    At a glance, the Lento Neuro offers:

    • Incremental Seat Recline, to enable the user to comfortably lie back and have a good sleep.  The comfort offered by this chair meant that our trial user with Huntington’s Disease, based at Vida Healthcare’s Huntington’s Unit in Harrogate, could get a full high quality night’s sleep every night in the chair – even more so than when she was in her bed!  
    • Back angle adjustable from 110 to 125 degrees — via 2 bolts at rear of chair

    Durable And Able to Withstand Strong Movement

    The deliberately overengineered solid steel frame on the Lento Neuro is mounted on a wide wheelbase with braked castors, ensuring maximum stability for people with severe involuntary movements.  With the footrest attached, this chair boasts a total of 8 strong castors! 

    Made in Britain to the highest quality standards, the Lento range is built to last. Only the highest of quality components are used, and all hidden from view within the chair’s seamless design. 

    Considered Pressure Care

    Medium level pressure relief material(s) are included in the chair as standard so that even the base model of the Lento Neuro chair still offers pressure relief to “at risk” patients. The pressure relieving cushions feature integrated Viscose foam. 

    High level pressure relief is available for patients most at risk, for example those who have low levels of mobility and are likely to be sat in their seat for longer timeframes. 

    • Medium level risk: Viscose foam (included as standard) 
    • High level risk: Honeycomb gel 

    Infection Control Specification

    The Lento Neuro Patient Chair is available in two versions: 

    • Hospital Spec – This version secures with magnetic closures that adhere to strict hospital and clinical hygiene standards and has no Velcro or wood. 
    • Community Spec – This version of the Lento Neuro care chair secures with Velcro closure as standard.  

     Additionally, the cushion covers can be fully removed for machine washing and the materials are easy to clean with regular detergents and rigorous wiping.   

    Standaid Compatible

    This chair is compatible with the Sara Stedy standaid and mobile hoists, allowing easy access for clients that need transferring, and the chair sides are removable to facilitate side transfers. 


    A range of accessories are available to add to the Lento Neuro care chair if required.  Carers can make sure a patient’s head is properly supported if they are weak, resulting from muscle atrophy. 

    • Spinal Alignment Cushions – Designed with patient wellbeing in mind, these cushions are crafted to ensure ideal spinal alignment, reducing discomfort and enhancing overall well-being for patients. 
    • Horseshoe headrest – Soft head cushion on weighted roll 
    • Postural Support Wings – Extended depth wings are available for neurological patient posture support. These ergonomically designed wings provide exceptional lumbar and lateral support, ensuring optimal posture and relief for patients. 
    • Harnesses & Belts – A range of chair harnesses and belts are available upon request for patients with the most severe neurological conditions and elderly or disabled patients who are at risk of sliding out of their care chair.  There are multiple anchorage points on the chair so a range of belts can be fitted. 

    How to Purchase

    Private Clients / Therapists

    Book an assessment by submitting the form below, we will be in touch to confirm a date. 

    Assessments – Vivid Care

    Hospitals / Care Homes 

    Book a product demonstration in person or online so we can show you the Lento Neuro in action. 

    Assessments – Vivid Care

    We have a range of justification forms and technical information to support your decision making: Downloads Archive – Vivid Care 

    Browse colours and find out more about our Maximo and Dartex materials: Materials & Colours – Vivid Care


    The price varies depending on community or acute specification, and increases with upgraded infection control and pressure care features. Read more about pricing here: The Lento Neuro Chair – Cost and Comparisons | Vivid Care 

    Money Back Guarantee

    When you purchase a Lento Neuro Care chair, you’ll get a 7-day trial period. If you find that the Lento doesn’t fully meet your needs, we will come to collect the chair and you will receive a full refund*. 

     It’s a hassle-free way to find the right care chair for you. Skip the assessment and test the Lento in your own environment. We’re confident you’ll feel the benefits from day one. If you don’t, no problem! We’ll arrange the collection and one of our assessors will help you to find another care chair that ticks all your requirement boxes. 

    *We require a small fee to cover the cost of collection. Offer applies to new Lentos in the standard grey vinyl only.

    *This offer does not apply to chairs that have been trialled or assessed on site. 

    Product Specifications

    Weight Limit 150 kg
    Seat Width 16 - 22"
    Seat Depth 18 - 20"
    Back Angle 110 - 125°
    Incremental Recline 38°
    Frame Warranty 5 years
    Gas Spring Warranty 3 years
    Castors Warranty 1 year
    Upholstery Warranty 1 year
    Service Contract Available Yes

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