Lento Neuro Patient Care Chair

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A “cocooning” care chair for those with neurological conditions.


Specifically designed to care for the complex needs of those with neurological conditions, particularly ones causing involuntary movement, the portable Lento Neuro “hugs” patients, bringing stability and reliable comfort.


Conditions: Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia, Stroke, Neuro Infections & more.

Product Description

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Product Features

Introducing Our Adjustable High Dependency Chair for Neurological Patient Care

We are excited to be able to now provide new levels of support, stability and care for high dependency patients with our new medical care chair on wheels, designed specifically to address the unique needs of people suffering from neurological conditions.

The solid steel frame can withstand strong use and movement for extended periods of time, & the soft but durable Ultima & Dartex fabrics work with the viscose foam or cool-gel cushions to maximise comfort, whilst also offering colour options.

Collaborating with Huntington’s Disease Specialist Care Providers

Over an 18-month period, Vivid Care worked with several Huntington’s Disease specialists and active healthcare professionals to create an adjustable patient comfort chair that is:

  • Suitable for patients with neurological conditions, including Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, and many others.
  • Able to handle involuntary/ataxic movements for extended periods of time.
  • Able to offer pressure injury care/prevention with different cushion and material options.
  • Able to meet clinical expectations in every care setting, whether it is in the community or acute.
  • Can offer strength and stability beyond the current range of available chairs.


Chair Adjustability

Just like the other specialist patient care chairs in the Lento range, the Lento Neuro care chair boasts a wide range of adjustability with the following adjustments available:

  • Seat width – 16-22” – via removable arms moving in and out
  • Seat depth adjustable from 18-20 inches (with depth adjuster pad)
  • Back angle adjustable from 110 to 125 degrees – via 2 bolts at rear of chair
  • Incremental recline – the chair pivots from the front to a maximum angle of 38 degrees, the arms remain fixed in height position which allows the patient to be cocooned in the space that is formed.

This high level of adjustability means the chair can used over a period of time, and stay with patients while their neurological condition progresses, providing a sense of comfort during a challenging time.  It also means it can be used in multi-user care environments where several low mobility patients could be using the chair over time.


Features & Extras:


A channelled footrest helps keep a patient’s legs in position and provides a more prone position for those who can’t have their feet on the floor.

The footrest is securely fastened to the seat but removable and on wheels if/when not required.

Backrest Options

The chair can have multiple backrest configurations (no tools needed!), a carer can simply remove and replace it as needed. The options of backrest for this chair are as below:

  • Standard waterfall back
  • Lateral waterfall back
  • Cocoon backrest
  • Soft lateral wedges

Pressure Relief Options

Medium level pressure relief material(s) are included in the chair as standard so that even the base model of the Lento Neuro chair still offers pressure relief to “at risk” patients. The pressure relieving cushions feature integrated Viscose foam.

High level pressure relief is available for patients most at risk, for example those who have low levels of mobility and are likely to be sat in their seat for longer time-frames.

  • Medium level risk: Viscose foam (included as standard)
  • High level risk: Honeycomb gel

Infection Control:

The Lento Neuro care chair secures with Velcro on the base model as standard.

To adhere to strict hospital and acute care hygiene standards, the Lento Neuro is also available in a magnetised version that secures with multiple magnets and has no Velcro or wood.


A range of accessories are available to add to the Lento Neuro care chair if required.  Carers can make sure a patient’s head is properly supported if they are weak, resulting from muscle atrophy.

Spinal Alignment Cushions

Designed with patient well-being in mind, these cushions are crafted to ensure ideal spinal alignment, reducing discomfort and enhancing overall well-being for patients.

  • Horseshoe headrest
  • Soft head cushion on weighted roll

Postural Support Wings

Extended depth wings are available for neurological patient posture support. These ergonomically designed wings provide exceptional lumbar and lateral support, ensuring optimal posture and relief for patients.

Harnesses & Belts

A range of chair harnesses and belts are available upon request for patients with the most severe neurological conditions and elderly or disabled patients who are at risk of sliding out of their care chair.

There are multiple anchorage points on the chair so a range of belts can be fitted.



The chair is constructed fully in the UK from the following materials and has Made in Britain certification:


  • Powder coated steel

Upholstered external surfaces

  • Hardwearing yet soft Ultima vinyl (Grey as + 20 colour options).

Patient Skin Contact Surfaces:

  • Dartex 4 way stretch permeable and wicking fabric (black as standard + 7 colour options).

All chair surfaces can be cleaned easily with acute care and hospital standard cleaning aids.

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