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The Lento Neuro Chair — Cost and Comparisons

Only introduced to the market under a month ago, the Lento Neuro is a game-changing chair for patients suffering from all kinds of different neurological conditions, from dementia to Parkinson’s and Huntington’s.


Background Story

The Lento Neuro is no ordinary chair, and is the end result of what began as an investigative journey into the needs of neurological patients and the specific challenges they faced. As we undertook this research, we talked to different charities, Huntington’s advisers and dementia care experts, and began to build a picture of what these needs were and how seating could be used to solve these challenges.

Involuntary movement is just one example of these needs, particularly experienced with Huntington’s Disease. Patients with Huntington’s suffer from erratic, uncontrollable movements due to a loss of sensory perception and neuron damage. The special cocoon-shaped design of the seat makes the patient feel like they are being hugged, changing their sensory perception and calming down these ataxic movements.

The Lento Neuro chair

The Lento Neuro chair

Key Features of the Lento Neuro

All the unique features of the Lento Neuro have been developed from first principles, based on the research we gathered during the development phase.

Firstly, to have the hallmark of a Lento chair, it had to tick the boxes in all these three areas, which we pleased to say it does!

  • Be fully adjustable without tools
  • Fit the majority of patient shapes and sizes
  • Stocked product to be delivered in the shortest timeframe possible

The key features of the Lento Neuro focus on the following areas:

Reduced entrapment risk

As diseases like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s progress, involuntary movements can increase, which can become quite excessive and pronounced in the later stages. This poses a risk to patients of trapping their limbs in the chair, or even damaging the chair, but the seamless design of the Lento Neuro removes possible areas of entrapment, and is robust enough to withstand knocks and blows.


Erratic movements can destabilise other chairs, but not the Lento Neuro. The solid frame is mounted on a wide wheel base with braked castors, so is practically immovable when in a static position, keeping the patient secure at all times.


The spacious seat section with a cocooned feel and webbed fabric keeps the patient relaxed and comfortable at all times, providing excellent pressure relief and ventilation for the skin.


The chair is a standardised product available from stock, but can be adjusted dimensionally and positionally to match the patient’s needs throughout the whole of their treatment journey. This makes life infinitely easier for both patient and care staff, and prevents having to change seating later down the line, reducing cost.


The chair is compatible with standaids and hoists, assisting transfers and personal care whenever required. The removeable arms also enable side transfers.

Product shot of the Lento Neuro disability recliner chair with wheels. View from the front.

Cocooned seat of the Lento Neuro

Cost of the Lento Neuro (updated June 2024)

Basic Specifications

The full manufacturing specification of the Lento Neuro is as follows:

Community Spec

The base price for the standard specification is £3147, this is our community spec which meets all quality standards and infection control requirements in community and residential care settings.

Acute Spec

To upgrade to the acute spec, which provides higher pressure relief and enhanced infection control requirements for hospitals, is an additional £528, taking the price up to £3675.

This upgrades the seat cushion to a high risk honeycomb gel, and seat cushions with our unique magnet attachment feature which allows them to be removed for washing and deep cleaning of the chair, adhering to the strict hygiene standards in acute care environments.

Options & Extras

Our packs of care accessories are available to add on at additional cost, with different positioning accessories to tailor to specific requirements. For example, a patient might have a lean or need extra head support. Leaning and stooped posture is common in advanced Parkinson’s, which a lateral waterfall back can help solve, providing lateral support and cushions that mould to the shape of the back.

Check out the different range of backrest options and colourways on our Lento Neuro product page.

Our range of positioning accessories

Ways to Purchase

There are ways to spread the cost of the Lento Neuro over time using our finance and lease options, which can also help with budget allocation if you are buying from an NHS Trust and have capital budget restrictions.

These are the types of finance deals we offer:

Lease Rental

Typically over a 1-5 year period, this acts like a hire agreement, where you rent the asset over the period of the lease but don’t acquire ownership.


  • Fixed hire rates for duration of contract
  • Useful if equipment is not needed longer term
  • Fully tax deductible


  • Chair is the property of the lender, meaning the purchase has to be renewed if there is an ongoing need. There could be additional wear and tear fees based on the condition of the chair.
  • If the chair is acquired for a nominal fee, total costs may be more than the initial purchase price.

Lease Purchase

Usually leased over a 1-5 year period, the chair is acquired as a fixed asset. The monthly payments includes a capital and interest element, paid in equal instalments over the loan period, and title passes to the client on the final payment.


  • Chair is owned at the end of agreement, making it available for other clients who may need it.
  • The interest element of the lease may be cheaper than arranging bank finance.


  • Only partially deductible for tax (subject to tax allowances)
  • VAT is payable in full on the first payment



We believe the Lento Neuro is unique in its versatility, and the range of different neurological conditions it can help with. It is the only chair that provides full seat dimension adjustment alongside the extra positioning features needed for a chair for higher need patients.

The solid steel frame offers the strongest resistance against any ataxic movements, keeping the patient safe and secure.

The upholstery material has been specially selected to emulate a leather effect, giving a quality feel whilst being hardwearing and offering exceptional pressure relief and comfort.

Product shot of the Lento Neuro disability recliner chair with wheels. Close up of the patient seating area.

Lento Neuro fabric


As well as being a highly advanced chair with sophisticated features to help neuro patients manage their condition, the chair is pretty much universal in terms of care environment, and doesn’t look out of place in a domestic or residential care setting.

It can be ordered in a variety of colours, and is fully adjustable, to adapt with the patient’s changing condition over time.

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Date Published

1 June 2024

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5 minutes

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Lento Neuro Care Chair for Huntington's Disease and chair for Dementia

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