Lento 50 Stone Riser Recliner Chair

Bariatric Care Equipment

Widely adjustable to fit a range of users, this electric bariatric rise and recline chair can be used with the Sara Stedy standing aid!


• Max weight: 50 Stone (317½ kg)
• Adjustable: Height, width & depth
• Built in pressure care (Medium Risk: Gel)
• Higher risk: Alternating air cushion available
• Delivery: 4 – 5 working days
• Modular: Removable cushions can be swapped if needed


Product Description

Product Features

The Lento is the world’s first fully adjustable bariatric electric rise and recline chair, now with Sara Stedy compatibility! As part of Lento range, built with a heavy-duty frame to accommodate heavier users, the bariatric rise & recline model offers full positioning flexibility and a range of reline and adjustability options to suit users no matter the complexity of their needs.

Our helpful training video guide is a step-by-step visual manual that will help you take advantage of the range adjustability options available with the Lento recliner chairs. The Lento bariatric riser recliner is built for users up to a weight limit of 50 stone or 317.5 kg (with reinforced footrest that can facilitate 25 stone 158kg)

The Lento bariatric rise and recline chair is a durable option for the most demanding healthcare environments and makes flexible seating incredibly easy thanks to its range of adjustability options that can be altered to suit any postural or positioning needs.

Thanks to the Lento’s adjustability, made-to-measure seating can be specified for any user. Not only does that mean you can adjust the chair to suit a single person’s needs as they change, but it also means that you can alter the chair from person to person without compromising on comfort or support.

Just like the other chairs in the Lento range, the Lento bariatric rise and recline chair can be delivered in no time at all regardless of whether you need an assessment.

Bariatric Riser Recliner with Absolute Adjustability

The Lento family of riser recliner and care chairs are designed to offer maximum adjustability and come in a modular design to help healthcare professionals provide care to people of all sizes and mobility. The Lento seating system has been designed for simplicity, so you can adjust any of the dimensions with no need for tools!

The easy to adjust seat width, depth, & height, along with adjustable backrest height and arm height mean the Lento bariatric rise and recline chair delivers completely bespoke seating solutions to any user.

With multiple backrest cushion options available to meet specific user needs and offer postural support, the Lento bariatric rise and recline chair is a key solution for a wide range of postural management issues.

Offer patients postural support and swap out the waterfall lateral backrest for a cocoon one, and you can add and remove wadding to the cushions as needed. The four-motor action also allows tilt-in-space, backrest recline, vertical rise, and forward tilt to help the user reposition as needed and rise to a standing position.

A Hospital-Friendly Bariatric Rise and Recline Chair

Years of industry knowledge and a solution orientated outlook in the design process led to the creation the Lento bariatric riser recliner.

This approach means the Lento is available in a hospital ready specification that can be immediately put to use in acute care facilities. Healthcare professionals can find it difficult to find a bariatric rise and recline chair that is suitable for hospital use that does not sacrifice comfort.

The Vivid.Care Lento bariatric electric R&R chair has been designed precisely to tackle this issue. The heavy-duty hospital spec recliner chair aids everything from infection control to pressure injury management.

Ideal for multi-user environments in hospitals and community care homes, this heavy-duty electric riser recliner chair features a wide seat width with integrated pressure relief foam that can be upgraded to optional gel cushioning higher pressure sore grading to provide increased pressure injury prevention/care.

The posture support cushions are attached to the chair using press studs rather than Velcro, and the cushion covers are fitted with zips for easy removal and cleaning.

Care for a wide range of people with varied specialist needs – The flexible seating system of this 50 stone recliner chair means a carer can easily adjust chair’s dimensions and positions to suit multiple users in a care home or hospital environment where this may be necessary.

Alternatively, you may use the Lento bariatric riser recliner chair with just one patient whose needs evolve or change over time; the Lento can be altered to meet their needs without any need to switch between chairs. The modular design of the Lento also makes it easy to replace or repair parts when necessary, making it ideal for environments when caring for multiple users is required.

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Browse our range of bariatric seating options and decide what is best for your individual situation.

Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase a Lento Bariatric Rise and Recline Chair, you’ll get a 7-day trial period. If you find that Lento doesn’t fully meet your needs, we will come to collect the chair and you will receive a full refund*.

It’s a hassle-free way to find the right riser recliner for you. Skip the assessment and test the Lento in your own environment. We’re confident you’ll feel the benefits from day one. If you don’t, no problem! We’ll arrange the collection and one of our assessors will help you to find another care chair that ticks all your requirement boxes.

*We require a small fee to cover the cost of collection. Offer applies to new Lentos in the standard grey vinyl only.

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