Lento 40 Stone Hospital Riser & Recliner Chair

Bariatric Care Equipment

Built to withstand the daily rigours of hospital life, the Lento ‘Mediatric’ electric rise and recline chair is designed to support heavier patients but has a smaller weight limit & seat width to its bariatric cousin. The Lento Mediatric now features Sara Stedy compatibility.


This hospital recliner chair is suitable for bariatric patients up to 40 stone (254kg) and features all the postural support, recline, tilt-in-space, pressure care & adjustability options within the Lento chair range.


Created with multi-user community care home and acute medical environments in mind, this reclining patient armchair rests on practical wheels and is highly adjustable to offer support to elderly, disabled and otherwise low mobility patients.

Product Description

Product Features

The Lento ‘Mediatric’ riser recliner chair allows you to care for users up to 40 stone. It was created to meet the ‘sweet spot’ between the Lento Recliner Chair and the Lento Bariatric Recliner Chair

Built with hospital and care environments in mind, the Lento Mediatric recliner chair is designed to aid moving and handling and is compatible with the Sara Stedy Transfer Aid and other patient transfer aids.

The Mediatric Lento Rise and Recliner with Sara Stedy compatibility caters for and is the perfect accompaniment to our bariatric model.

Absolute Adjustability

and the modular design

Like all the chairs in the Lento range, it is proudly Made in Britain and has the same level of adjustability without the need for any tools.

The four-motor action also allows tilt-in-space, backrest recline, vertical rise, and forward tilt to help the user reposition as needed and rise to a standing position.

Flip the top backrest cushion to give an additional 4” in head height.

Great for Infection Control and Patient Care

The magnetised cushions can be removed to give a flat wipeable surface for easy cleaning.

The arm sections remove for easy side transfers and the vertical rise facilitates better delivery of personal care.

Built for Durability

Built with a reinforced footrest, this 40 stone recliner chair is built for the most demanding healthcare environments.

Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase a Lento Mediatriac Rise and Recline Chair, you’ll get a 7-day trial period. If you find that Lento doesn’t fully meet your needs, we will come to collect the chair and you will receive a full refund*.

It’s a hassle-free way to find the right riser recliner for you. Skip the assessment and test the Lento in your own environment. We’re confident you’ll feel the benefits from day one. If you don’t, no problem! We’ll arrange the collection and one of our assessors will help you to find another care chair that ticks all your requirement boxes.

*We require a small fee to cover the cost of collection. Offer applies to new Lentos in the standard grey vinyl only.

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