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Helping the NHS

The NHS is simply incredible. Every day, our National Health Service affects the lives of 1.6 million people; improving lives, helping people in times of need, and welcoming new born babies to our planet.

As with anything worth fighting for, the NHS has some complex challenges to overcome. Hospital beds are full, staff are struggling, ambulance services are over-stretched, and waiting times are rising.

Our Vivid.Care specialists are out there every day, supporting the NHS in both the community and in hospitals. We’re working with healthcare professionals up and down the UK to solve some of the NHS’s most difficult problems. And our Research & Development teams are challenging the status quo, innovating care equipment to create proven outcomes, and sharing our knowledge and findings with our NHS colleagues.

Are you an NHS Healthcare Professional? Then you’re in the right place – read on to discover how we can support you and the amazing organisation you’re part of.

Helping the NHS achieve its Long Term Plan

How we're helping deliver the NHS Long Term Plan

As a leading specialist seating and equipment supplier, dedicated to enhancing hospital and care environments, we take immense pride in our collaborative efforts with the NHS. For this reason, we have ensured that all of our company objectives align with those set out for the NHS in the Long Term Plan.

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Services We Offer & Benefits We Bring to the NHS

Empowering the NHS: Our Services & Benefits

Working in partnership with Vivid.Care opens up a raft of benefits, designed to support your care organisation whilst delivering the best possible outcomes for your patients. We can help you reduce pressures on your workforce, increase bed availability, and deliver real value from your seating investment, from purchase through to aftercare.

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Seating Standardisation in the NHS

Seating Standardisation

Seating Standardisation is a concept we have pioneered in NHS hospitals and is a principle that applies throughout acute or community health settings wherever specialist seating is used.

The principle of seating standardisation involves having a smaller range of chairs with a wider clinical application, rather than the reverse which is all too common in healthcare environments.

The outcome of Seating Standardisation? Proven cost savings, time savings, risk savings, greater efficiencies, and more!

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Supporting the "Greener NHS" Programme

We recognise that the collective effort to reduce carbon emissions will only work if the individual contributors — companies like ourselves — take up their responsibility and make changes for the ‘greater good’.  The NHS have outlined their goal to become the world’s first Net Zero national health service, as part of the Greener NHS programme.

As a supplier to the NHS, we want to help them achieve their goal of Net Zero by 2045, by reducing the carbon footprint of our products and downstream transport.


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Working With Us

We are a team of innovative, experienced professionals. We are friendly to work with and committed to supporting our clients and enhancing their lives with our products and services.

We are at our best when we work in partnership with you with the shared goal of making lives better. Partnership with is something we flex to meet your requirements.

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