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Seating Standardisation

Seating Standardisation is a concept we have pioneered in NHS hospitals and is a principle that applies throughout acute or community health settings wherever specialist seating is used.

The principle of seating standardisation involves having a smaller range of chairs with a wider clinical application, rather than the reverse which is all too common in healthcare environments.

The Problem

Having an unplanned approach to seating can be a systemic issue in many healthcare environments.

The problem occurs when organisations source a wide range of individual bespoke chairs to suit seating requirements as they arise.

This approach causes higher costs, higher wastage and greater resource inefficiences.

Seating standardisation solution

The Solution

The solution to the mixed seating dilemma lies in a simplified seating programme with an in-depth understanding of the key seating components required for each healthcare setting.

Having a smaller, tailored seating range that encompasses a wider range of clinical applications is now possible due to the adaptability of our Lento seating range and treatment-specific seating.

How We Implement Seating Standardisation

Vivid.Care's 8-step approach to seating standardisation
  1. Deep Dive Session  An onsite meeting to discover your needs, desired outcomes and an overview of our 8-step process.
  2. Chair Trial  Based on our initial findings we conduct a 2-week trial of suitable seating and obtain staff feedback.
  3. Audit of Current Seating  We carry out a full audit of your existing seating, with detailed records of each chair and its suitability.
  4. Results Analysis  The data collected from our investigations is analysed and evaluated to produce our recommendations.
  5. Proposal  We present our recommendations with supporting data analysis, justifications and risk assessments can be provided to assist your internal submissions.
  6. Delivery  Once the final proposal is approved we commence delivery to your desired locations, including storage, call-off, location tracking and disposal services.
  7. Staff Training  Product training can be provided on site or remotely to maximise your return on investment, and additional CPD packages are available.
  8. Ongoing Support  Our ongoing package of support includes service contracts, dedicated account management, product storage, training and data portals.
Benefits of seating standardisation

Benefits of Seating Standardisation


Seating Collaborations

We have worked with many hospital trusts on seating standardisation projects that have delivered major benefits.

Derbyshire NHS Trust logo
Derbyshire Community Health Services

"Staff have access to appropriate chair for patient as soon as they arrive on the ward" Read the full case study.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

"The seating range is vast and the team have been very responsive and helpful throughout the process" Read the full case study.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Designed the Lento Mobile Riser Recliner in collaboration to reduce transfers and manual handling risks to staff