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Moving & Handling Equipment

Discover our premium hoisting and patient transfer aids designed to offer stability and support during patient moving and handling.

Our collection of equipment designed to assist your patients in achieving greater independence and alleviating staff strain & injuries.

From portable patient hoists for home use to ceiling-mounted options and overhead hoisting systems, we have a range of moving and handling equipment for your requirements.

With advanced patient moving and handling safety features and ergonomic designs, our moving and handling equipment provides caregivers with the confidence to assist patients with dignity and ease.

The innovative Raizer lifting Chair is a device that quickly lifts a fallen person from the floor with minimal carer effort.

The Raizer falls patient lifting device comes in an electric lifting chair design and as manual falls response equipment.

Our patient slings are made from high-quality, skin friendly materials.

All our care equipment is available with a large weight capacity that allows you to care for a wide range of patients in multi-user environments.

We are dedicated to the supplying moving and handling equipment for the care of elderly or low mobility patients in acute hospital and community environments.

A trusted UK supplier of care equipment, we have been providing quality care equipment to healthcare facilities for over 50 years.

Browse our catalogue collection of care & nursing home equipment.