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Care Chairs

Buy specialist care chairs for the nursing and management of complex neurological conditions, disability and low mobility issues.

For disability and health management, our range of specialist chairs for elderly & mobility impaired patients is designed for use across acute hospital environments, care homes in the community and for individuals in domestic settings if required for home care.

Created to be used in the nursing & care of disabled, low mobility or elderly patients, these electrically controlled armchairs are adjustable to fit a range of patients.

From foam to alternating air pressure relief, pressure injury management cushions can be inserted into these nursing home chairs.

The comfortable and familiar armchair design features rise and recliner movement to act as a standing aid that helps users get in and out of the chair.

Also known as porter chairs, our care chairs rest on durable castors that make them mobile and easy to wheel through a hospital or care home.

These orthopaedic chairs are suitable for all types of environments where nursing & care are provided, and boast a range of adjustability options making them ideal for multi user environments.

Vivid.Care are UK wide suppliers of healthcare equipment and furniture for use in NHS hospitals & loan stores, care homes & domestic care settings.