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Rehabilitation Chairs

Introducing our range of rehabilitation chairs, specially designed to provide comfort and support to patients recovering from injuries or illnesses. Our selection includes the Vela Rehab Exercise Chair and the ICU Patient Transfer Chair, both of which offer exceptional features and benefits.

The Vela Rehab Exercise Chair is ideal for those who require exercise while seated. This chair provides both comfort and support to patients, ensuring they remain stable during their workout routine. With its ergonomic design, the Vela Rehab Exercise Chair helps to improve circulation, reduce muscle stiffness and improve overall range of motion. This makes it an excellent choice for patients recovering from injuries or those with limited mobility.

The ICU Patient Transfer Chair, on the other hand, is specifically designed for use in acute care environments. With multiple points of adjustment and a Trendelenburg feature, this chair ensures maximum comfort and safety for patients during transfer and CPR scenarios. The vertical rise function helps stabilize the patient when standing, making it a great choice for early patient mobilization.

At our company, we understand the importance of high-quality rehabilitation chairs for both patient comfort and recovery. That’s why our chairs are designed with the latest in ergonomic technology and are constructed to the highest standards. Our range of rehabilitation chairs are suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, and at home, and are ideal for those looking to provide the best care for their patients.

Our rehabilitation chairs have been tested and approved by leading healthcare professionals, and are available at competitive prices. Shop our selection today and provide your patients with the support and comfort they deserve.