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Patient Therapy Chair

Made for acute care, this chair allows you to offer enhanced patient rehabilitation, enable early patient recovery and help patients get out of bed into positions that reduce deconditioning.


  • Vertical rise
  • Anti-tilt frame
  • Lockable wheels
  • Multiple armrest positions
  • Infection control friendly material
  • Max weight: 200kg (31.5 stone)
  • Pre programmed patient positioning (CPR, Trendelenburg, Zero Gravity, Sit To Stand)



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    Product Features

    Easy Patient Entry & Exit:

    This patient therapy chair is designed with a wide seating area and a footrest that folds fully down to enable easy patient entry and exit (egress).

    The foot rest folds all the way under the seat to allow even the most low mobility patients into this wide seat patient therapy treatment chair and maintain correct posture..

    Suitable for a range of acute care environments & scenarios including:

    • Infusion & Chemotherapy
    • Blood donation/samples
    • Patient transport
    • Emergency patient care

    Exiting the chair is easy, even for patients with reduced mobility thanks to the vertical lift can help a seated patient get out of the chair, all while maintaining comfortable and correct patient posture.

    Fold Down Footrest:

    This patient therapy chair is designed with a footrest section that folds completely UNDER the seat and makes it easier for a patient to get out of the chair after receiving therapy and maintains correct patient posture when they are seated in the chair.

    Padded Armrests:

    Ergonomic, padded and seamless patient armrests with a range of movement, they can be:

    • Rotated outwards
    • Tilted up/down
    • Lift upwards up to 90° for easy patient entry
    • Arrmests movement synchronized with the backrest.

    The armrests can also be completely removed from the chair if needed for cleaning or even easier patient entry.

    Wheels & Braking System:

    The multi-directional 30mm wheels ensure high stability even during transfer while a patient is on the chair.

    For patient safety and stability during transport in this therapy chair, the centralised braking system locks all the wheels at the same time.

    Making Acute Patient Care Easier:

    With a variety of preset patient positioning programs, this treatment chair can be placed into practical positions using the electric control panel including:

    • Zero Gravity
    • Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg (from 30° to -13°)
    • Sit To Stand (vertical rise)
    • CPR

    Infection Control Friendly Materials:

    The patient lying surface is made from an easy to clean leatherette fabric that can be sanitized with commonly used detergents with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-stain properties.

    Electric Control Panel:

    A large and colour coordinated electric control panel allows the chair movements to be controlled by the operator. The easy to understand imagery on the control panel ensures the panel is easy to understand.

    With multiple position memory buttons to achieve the patient positioning required to offer treatment.

    Patient Safety Features:

    Ergonomically shaped handles on the back of the chair mean that an attendant can move the patient around a care facility. While the cenralised braking system allows an attendant to lock all wheels at once and stop movement.

    There is also an emergency button that will stop electric movement of the patient chair if required.


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