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Sertain 4540 Hi-Lo ICU Early Mobilisation Chair

The Sertain S4540 Hi-Lo Care Chair is a versatile, advanced solution designed in collaboration with critical care, trauma, and ICU HCP’s. Perfect for early mobilisation, this chair lays 100% flat, making it an ideal choice for various wards, including intensive care or critical care units where patients can be transferred in a lie flat position. Its Hi-Lo function allows for easy height adjustments, providing the optimum positioning for patient care and minimising staff MSD’s.


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    Product Features

    A lie-flat solution for early mobilisation in hospital wards, including intensive care or critical care units.

    This hospital chair enables early mobilisation where possible, allowing patients to become mobilised quicker.  Early mobilisation can bring a whole host of benefits to a hospital, and has been proven to reduce ICU / Critical Care-acquired weakness (which can happen very fast when patients are immobile).  It also reduces de-conditioning, and can improve muscle strength and hospital discharge when used alongside physio.  All of this then means reduced hospital stay times, reducing pressure and cost for hospital units and staff.

    Adjustable for Easier Care Giving

    The chair features four electric movement functions:

    • Backrest movement
    • Seat Tilt
    • Hi-Lo Seat movement
    • Legrest adjustability (Includes Emergency Battery Back-Up)

    The chair also features an Auto Lieflat Function, and Auto Chair Function

    The lie-flat function on this hospital chair is crucial for early mobilisation as it facilitates a range of patient positions, aiding in comfort and recovery. This feature allows patients to gradually transition from lying down to sitting and standing, and vice versa for treatment. Early mobilisation, enabled by chairs such as the Sertain HILO Chair, can significantly accelerate rehabilitation, reduce the risk of complications, and promote greater independence for patients during their recovery process.

    Other Features Include:

    • Deluxe Legrest Including Fold Away Footplate
    • MulticushTM Pressure Management Seating System
    • 2 Position Swing Away Head Wings – Rio Style
    • 150mm Swivel/Tracking/Braking Castors (image showing central locking base)
    • Standard Removable Armrests
    • Standard Push Handle

    Watch it in Action:

    Accessories Available:

    (discuss compatibility with your Sales Representative)

    • Standard Meal/Activity Tray with PVC Edge
    • Membrane Pressed Meal/Activity Tray with Recessed Top
    • Oxy Bottle and IV Kit option
    • Lay flat Support Bar option
    • Procedure Tray Arm option
    • Drop Arm option
    • Central Locking Base option

    Ideal For Infection Control

    This chair features durable and easy to clean materials which can withstand rigorous and regular wiping with standard detergents.  It has been designed in a way to ensure that there are also no hard to reach areas, where dirt could accumulate.  Find out more about How To Clean A Hospital Chair.

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    How to Purchase

    This chair is available with or without a demonstration. Book a demo in person or online with our specialist seating team, by putting in an enquiry using the form at the bottom of this page.

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    Product Specifications

    Seat Width 620mm
    Seat Depth 570mm
    Seat Height 550mm
    Hi-Lo Range 550 - 850mm
    Weight Capacity 300kg
    Warranty 5 / 3 / 2 Year Limited


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