VELA Mammography Chair

The VELA Mammography Chair is designed for patients needing to sit during examinations if they are a wheelchair user or if they have a condition impacting their ability to stand for the duration of the examination.



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Product Features

The VELA Mammography Chair is quick and secure delivering optimal patient positioning for the examination. The chair features smooth-running wheels, push bar adjustment and foot brake.


The VELA Mammography Chair takes the strain aiding staff to avoid back, shoulder and muscle injuries when having to adopt awkward positions to achieve effective screening. E.g. When tall patients are sitting the Mammography Chair allows staff to adopt a more relaxed working posture.

Positioning the patient is simple given the chair’s smooth running wheels and once in position the foot brake locks the wheels with the patient stable for the examination. The chair features electric height adjustment to easily control the patient’s position in front of the device for the best working position.

“I find the chair very user-friendly, easy to manoeuvre, and comfortable for ladies who cannot stand. In addition, we have found that the Vela Mammography Chair has helped improve patient flow with these patients.”

The chair’s various features are extremely useful, e.g. the side arms, lifting, tilting position, and it makes our job easier, assisting women who are unsteady on their feet.”

Shahina Ahmed, Lead Mammographer, Parapet Breast Unit, King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor

As with all VELA medical chairs the Mammography Chair is designed to meet the stringent hygiene and disinfecting requirements of the NHS. For optimal hygiene standards, the chair has easy-to-clean surfaces without recesses including the underside of the chair.

Edge bands on the backrest prevent dirt collecting in joints and all parts can withstand hospital level disinfection, including alcohol and chlorine at the appropriate concentration levels.

Safety and Electrical Testing

CE mark: Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745, compliance with European security requirements – Tested and Approved.

EMC-test: Electrical functions in accordance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), in terms of radiation and susceptibility, electrical equipment, pacemakers and cellphones – Tested and Approved

IP21: Electrical functions in accordance with IEC 60529 and Ingress Protection (IP)21 degree of security, and waterproofing – Tested and Approved

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