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StairTrainer Rehabilitation Therapy Stairs

Fully mobile and adjustable to the abilities of multiple users, the StairTrainer therapy stairs are used extensively by physiotherapists in rehabilitation clinics worldwide.


These rehabilitation therapy stairs aid with coordination, balance and muscle strength in the lower limbs.



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    Product Features

    The StairTrainer rehabilitation staircase is a mobile, fully adjustable training aid that enables a patient to commence their all-important rehabilitation quickly. The StairTrainer is used to assist patients in their rehabilitation as they begin to use stairs again, putting them in the best possible position of regaining prior mobility and fitness. You can choose a StairTrainer for adult with a standard banister – approx. 1100 mm high. If you are working to rehabilitate a child after injury choose the StairTrainer half height bannister- it has banisters in both heights.

    The handrails and stair height are fully adjustable, making it suitable for supporting rehabilitation across a range of injuries in both adults and children with a variety of needs. Regaining confidence after an injury is very important and never more so than when climbing stairs. With the StairTrainer, rehabilitation can begin on low stair height and progress in increments to steps of greater depth as the patient recovers.

    StairTrainer is used extensively by physiotherapists in rehabilitation clinics worldwide delivering an enviable success rate. The safety and ease of use that is built into the design are complemented by the ease in which it can be relocated.

    StairTrainer in early rehabilitation:

    Rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible to aid recovery. The StairTrainer rehabilitation therapy stairs are widely used for early and ongoing physiotherapy. The versatile stair height options can be adjusted from 2.5 cm to 19 cm providing incremental progress towards the best possible outcome.

    Safety features:

    The StairTrainer therapy stairs feature safety features built-in as standard, from an all-round handrail to an emergency contact button. These safety features provide confidence both for the patient and the physiotherapist.

    Digital display:

    The StairTrainer therapy stairs features a digital display. This acts as both communication of important information, the current step height, as well as motivation to the patient to commit to their recovery in a safe and measurable manner as the stair height increases.


    The StairTrainer features wheels for transportation. This adds to the flexibility for easy relocation. Designed to be compact, the StairTrainer can fit through doorways as narrow as 90 cm.

    Key features:

    • Rehab therapy stairs- Fully adjustable height options for users of all ability
    • Simple & compact to transport
    • Digital display to follow progress and motivate rehabilitation
    • Fast and early rehabilitation process
    • Highly effective in rehabilitation
    • Safer than conventional stairs
    • A central resource between departments and clinics
    • Enables training in an appropriate environment
    • Plug & Play, no installation requirement supervised by professionals

    Product Specifications

    Lifting Capacity: 180 kg (28.3 Stone)
    Product Weight: 105 kg (16.5 Stone)
    Length (Adjustable): 165 cm (65 ins)
    Width (Adjustable): 82 cm (32.5 ins)
    Height (Adjustable): 108.5 cm (43 in)
    Noise: < 70 db

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