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Signature Comfort Plus Profiling Bed

This popular electric profiling bed brings hospital bed style functionality to your home.


  • Adjustable back & legrests
  • Sit up in bed or elevate your feet
  • Lower the bed to prevent falls
  • Raise the bed for easy nursing care
  • Wired handset
  • Non-medical finish


  • Available in: Single, Wide single & Small double
  • Choose headboard: Style, Material & Colour


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    Product Features

    Choose Your Material

    Choose Your Headboard

    Choose Your Wood Colour

    The Signature Comfort Plus Profiling Bed is a popular home care bed that has all the functionality you would expect from a hospital bed whilst being cleverly styled to look homely and unobtrusive.  Similar to the Signature Comfort Profiling Bed, but with built in side rails to prevent someone from falling out.

    Side Rails

    Three-part split side rails can be raised and lowered independently to help prevent falls, provide a grab handle when getting in and out, and act as a handy place to hook the handset control.

    Designed for Carers

    Widely adjustable to alleviate pressure from parts of patient’s bodies when they are lying in bed for prolonged periods of time, this profiling bed is built to aid with caring for low mobility patients.

    The whole bed raises and lowers and has an adjustable back rest for sitting up in bed and leg rest for elevating your knees or feet.

    Height Adjustment – Raise High For Nursing

    The Signature Comfort Plus electric adjustable profiling bed offers extensive height range adjustment, making it an ideal choice for elderly and low mobility users. This bed can be easily adjusted to the client’s desired height, facilitating smooth transfers in and out of bed.

    Furthermore, this bed can be raised to a level that is comfortable for the caregiver to provide nursing and personal care, making it a versatile and practical option for care homes, hospitals, and private homes. With its adjustable height feature, the Signature Comfort bed offers excellent accessibility, convenience, and comfort for all users.

    Profiling Mattress

    The Signature Comfort electric adjustable profiling bed comes with a fully profiling mattress platform, designed to offer superior comfort and support for elderly and low mobility users. The adjustable backrest enables the client to sit up in bed, while the adjustable leg rest provides excellent postural support and improves blood circulation.

    Thanks to its electric profiling feature, this mattress can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s desired position, promoting better sleep quality and overall comfort. With its versatile and practical design, the Signature Comfort profiling mattress offers outstanding comfort and support, making it an ideal choice for care homes, hospitals, and private homes.

    Mattress Options

    The Signature Comfort Profiling bed has been designed to be used with our entire range of mattresses. We have Comfort mattresses with ventilated cool covers or we have a range of Pressure care mattresses depending on the clients requirements.

    Wider Widths

    The Signature Comfort is available in a choice of two widths either standard single 3ft / 90cm or for users requiring a little more space a small double 4ft / 120cm.

    Alternatively if the client is looking for a dual bed with two separate mattresses, we offer the Signature Dual.

    Homely Styling

    At Vivid Care, we understand that functionality is important, but we also recognize the significance of aesthetics and homely styling. That’s why we offer a range of headboard and fabric options for the Signature Comfort electric adjustable profiling bed, ensuring that the bed can fit seamlessly into the client’s existing furniture.

    Our range of headboard and fabric options provides customers with the opportunity to personalize their bed, making it more inviting and comfortable. With its elegant and stylish design, the Signature Comfort electric profiling bed adds a touch of homely comfort to any room, making it an ideal choice for care homes, hospitals, and private homes.

    If you prefer a wooden surround then we offer our Signature Low Footboard.

    Easy-to-Use Handset

    All of the features are controlled with an easy to use, ergonomically designed handset with curved edges and soft-touch buttons. It has a locking feature to enable you to deactivate all or certain functions if required.


    This bed comes as standard with 4 Braked Twin Castors which means it can be easily moved around in the room which can be great for carers when assisting the client or cleaning around the bed.

    Optional Accessories:

    • Bed Grab Rail

    Single & Double Adjustable Bed Options:

    The Signature Comfort is available in three sizes:

    • Standard single (90cm/3ft)
    • Wide single  (105cm/3ft6)
    • Small double (120cm/4ft)

    Product Specifications

    External Width - 3ft Single 1040mm/41"
    External Length - 3ft Single 2080mm/82"
    Headboard Height - 3ft Single 970mm/38”
    Height to Mattress Platform - 3ft Single 245-730mm/9½-28¾”
    External Width - 3ft6 Wide Single 1190mm/47”
    External Length - 3ft6 Wide Single 2080mm/82"
    Headboard Height - 3ft6 Wide Single 970mm/38”
    Height to Mattress Platform - 3ft6 Wide Single 245-730mm/9½-28¾”
    External Length - 4ft Small Double 2080mm/82"
    Headboard Height - 4ft Small Double 970mm/38”
    External Width - 4ft Small Double 1340mm/52¾”
    Height to Mattress Platform - 4ft Small Double 245-730mm/9½-28¾”

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