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This double profiling bed is built with two independently controlled mattresses that rest on the profiling base – meaning you can adjust one side of the bed without changing the other. Ideal for couples that require a profiling bed but wish to remain in the same bed together.
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Product Features

Double Profiling Bed With Independent Mattress Platforms 

This electrically controlled double profiling bed offers everything our Signature Comfort bed does except it has two single independent mattresses within one bed frame which allows for each person to adjust their position without affecting the other occupant. It is the perfect solution for couples.

Height Adjustment 

Designed with couples in mind, the Signature Comfort is an adjustable bed with extensive height range adjustment so users to find their desired height for comfortably getting in and out of bed. It can also be raised up to a carers waist level to facilitate nursing and personal care on the bed.

Mattress Options

The Signature Comfort Profiling bed has been designed to be used with our entire range of mattresses. We have Comfort mattresses with ventilated cool covers or we have a range of Pressure relief mattresses depending on the clients requirements.

Double Profiling Bed Mattress Platform

The mattress platform is fully profiling. The adjustable backrest enables the client to sit up in the bed and the adjustable leg rest provides amazing postural support while improving circulation.

Homely Styling

Just as important as the functionality we feel it is very important for the bed to fit in with a client’s existing furniture which is why we offer this bed with a range of headboard and fabric options.

Easy-to-Use Handset 

All of the features are controlled with an easy to use, ergonomically designed handset with curved edges and soft-touch buttons. It has a locking feature to enable you to deactivate all or certain functions if required.

Optional Accessories: 

  • Bed Grab Rail

Product Specifications

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