Air Flow Mattress | Impulse Hybrid

Alternating air flow mattress designed for users at the highest risk of pressure sores/ulcers. Provide pressure relieving comfort with a combination of foam and air cells that ensure pressure points are always changing, and pressure isn’t applied to one part of the body for a prolonged period of time.


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Product Features

Pressure Risk Category 

This airflow mattress is created for the care of users who are at a very high risk of developing high grades of pressure sores. This pressure relief mattress users a combination of foam and alternating air cells to give this advanced pressure injury care.

Air Cells

A row of alternating air cells are contained within the mattress. The lateral row of air cells constantly alternate, whilst cells are inflated others are deflated which constantly changes the clients pressure points. Air flow is controlled through the pump unit which has auto weighing technology that ensures the mattresses responds to different clients weights.

Three-Zone Pressure Relieving Surface

The foam and air cell composition ensure maximum comfort and pressure relief. The lying surface includes a castellated head zone and the gel-infused heel so provides additional comfort for sensitive areas.


Using the pump that comes with the mattress it is possible to adjust the firmness at the touch of a button very easily.

Step up / Step Down Facility 

The Impulse airflow mattress is designed to be used both with and without a pump which means it can be used as a static or alternating mattress dependant on the clients varying needs.

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