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How Can Seating Accessories Help in Surgery Wards?

This next article in the Accessories Series looks at how seating accessories can help patients who have had surgery in hospital.

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Patient needs in Surgery Wards

Surgery wards deal with pre- and post-surgery treatment and rehabilitation. Some common surgical procedures are hip and knee replacements, removal of unwanted tissue and heart surgery.

Pre-surgery, patients will need a firm chair with armrests and a high back to keep a good 90-degree hip and knee angle.

Post-surgery, it helps to keep patients moving and improve their blood circulation to prevent swelling and build-up of fluid. Postural hypotension can occur, a form of low blood pressure after a long period of resting that can make patients feel dizzy when standing up.  Post-surgery treatments may include breathing exercises, intravenous drips, and blood pressure medications. Infection control is very critical following surgery to prevent wounds getting infected and contracting hospital-based infections like MRSA.


Seating Accessories available

We have identified some helpful seating accessories for patients who have had surgery.

Finding the Right Chair

The Lento Riser Recliner chair is a popular choice because it has vertical rise, can be used with hoists and standaids to help patients stand, and has removeable armrests for side transfers. These are useful features for patients suffering from postural hypotension as they help them regain their mobility in the right way.

The Rea Azalea wheelchair has a high level of postural support for a manual wheelchair. It has tilt-in-space and back angle adjustment so the patient can achieve optimum positioning and relieve discomfort. There are many different legrest configurations available, and it is an ideal chair for patients with higher postural needs who need to rehabilitate following major surgery.

The Chepstow high seat chair is very comfortable and helps maintain a correct sitting posture following knee or hip replacements. It’s also great for infection control.



The right seating and accessories are crucial to help patients recover after surgery and recuperate from the toll of operating stress.

We hope this article points you in the right direction for seating products that can help patients who have had surgery. For further information on how our range of chairs and accessories can help patients in surgery wards, please contact our team:

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    Date Published

    20 September 2022

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