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VELA Tango 700e Mobility Chair

Maintain your independence with this disability chair on wheels. Easily access high surfaces in you home with the sit to stand feature.


  • Disability chair on large, direction-stable wheels
  • Manual or electric versions available
  • Powerful central braking system
  • Use in the home or the office
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Intuitive electric controls under the armrest
  • Electric sit to stand available


Designed to aid low mobility users and provide ergonomic comfort and postural support.



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    Product Features

    The VELA 700 and 700E activity chairs have been designed to provide easy use in the home or the office so users can maintain independence wherever possible. With adjustable seat height, you can reach the top and lower shelves with ease.

    This is an excellent activity chair that provides high-level comfort and support, alongside the ability to maintain your independence in many environments. The VELA 700 Activity Chair has been designed for comfort and versatility.

    A Customisable Activity Chair

    Manual height adjustment means that the VELA 700 activity chair can be used for practically anything around the home or at work. The electric height adjustment of the VELA 700E makes it easier to adjust your seat height to meet for any activity.

    The VELA 700 activity chair can be customised with a choice of two ergonomically designed backrests and seats. The ‘Active’ seat and backrest provide excellent comfort and light support. The ‘Contour’ seat and backrest give equally excellent comfort and a higher degree of support with extra side supports to help stabilise your positioning whilst seated.

    Benefitting from large, soft wheels, the VELA 700 Activity Chair can be moved around smoothly and safely. Simply apply the easily accessed long lever handbrake to lock the chair in place. This chair is upholstered in a durable, easy-to-clean fabric that is also comfortable.

    Key Features

    • Easy to use and manoeuvre around the home or office
    • Choice of manual or electric height adjustment
    • Customisable with different backrests and seat options
    • Height adjustable between 32.5cm and 79cm

    Product Specifications

    Height Adjustment (Vela 700): 100mm, 150mm, or 200mm
    Height Adjustment (Vela 700e): 200mm or 300mm
    Seat Height (Vela 700): 32.5cm — 69cm
    Seat Height (Vela 700)e: 35cm — 79cm
    Seat W x D (Small) 40 x 40cm
    Seat (Medium) 44 x 44 cm (W x D)
    Seat (Large) 47 x 47cm (W x D)
    Seat (X-Large:) 49 x 49cm (W x D)
    Seat Angle: 10° forwards, 15° backwards
    Active Backrest (Small) 38 x 22cm
    Active Backrest (Medium) 38 x 30cm
    Active Backrest (Large) 40 x 40cm
    Active Backrest (X-Large) 40 x 45cm
    Contour Backrest (Medium) 38 x 43 cm
    Contour Backrest (Medium) 40 x 48cm
    Backrest Angle: 4° forwards, 22° backwards
    Backrest Height Adjustment: 10cm
    Armrest (W x L): 9 x 25cm
    Armrest Height Adjustment: 14 — 25cm
    Distance Between Armrests: 38.5 — 52.5 cm
    Frame Size: 55 x 55cm
    Chair’s weight (Vela 700): 27 kg
    Chair’s Weight (Vela 700e): 34.5 kg
    Maximum User Weight (SWL): 130 kg (max 160 kg)
    Seat Rotation: 90° to the right and left

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