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Reclining Mobility Beds

Wetherby Showroom

Mobility Recliner Beds

Explore our range of adjustable electric recliner beds or visit our Wetherby showroom and experience the benefits of reclining mobility beds yourself.

Elderly woman getting out an electric recliner bed, the bed is an Opera classic comfort electric profiling bed. She is insider her home, in her bedroom.
Elderly couple in a Signature Comfort bed

Single & Double Recliner Beds

Our electrically controlled double adjustable recliner beds have a dual profiling base that allows both mattresses to be controlled by two individual electric handsets.

Double recliner beds are ideal for couples with varying mobility needs.

Wood or upholstery finish options let you match your bedroom furniture and create a homely feel.

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UK Wide Delivery

We supply our mobility recliner beds and mattresses across England, Scotland.

4 - 10 Working Days

We aim to delivery your new mobility recliner bed in under 2 weeks.

Product shots of the cool gel mattress with a blown up close up of each component.

Memory Foam Recliner Bed Mattresses

The surface you or sleep on every night is crucial to your comfort, that’s why our recliner mattresses designed for use with electric mobility beds.

Our memory foam recliner mattresses is designed to provide excellent postural support.

The temperature regulating CoolGelâ„¢ airflow recliner mattress actively increases airflow while you sleep and reduces heat for a comfortable night.

Over 50 Years Experience

We have supplied mobility equipment for elderly, disabled & low mobility users in our local Harrogate & Yorkshire community for over 50 years.

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Yorkshire Mobility Bed Showroom

Visit our Yorkshire showroom in Wetherby for a hands-on experience and advice from our experienced staff.

Airflow & Foam Pressure Care Mattresses

Our collection of pressure ulcer care mattresses offer a range of pressure ulcer care options so you can find the right sleeping solution for your needs.

These adjustable bed mattresses are designed with pressure alleviating materials that support various grades of pressure ulcers.

Care for patients at risk pressure ulcer development with pressure relief foam mattresses

Provide care to those at the highest risk of pressure wounds with alternating airflow mattresses.

Call today to book a no-obligation visit to our Wetherby showroom.

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