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'Solo Comfort' Electric Reclining Mobility Bed

The Solo Comfort Profiling Care Bed is the ultimate option for clients who require a bed with advanced features.

It has specifically been designed for clients who require the safety of having a rail in place but don’t want the obstruction of a standard full length rail on more standard beds.
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    Product Features

    An ideal mobility recliner bed for patient care/nursing, the Solo Comfort is the ultimate patient care bed thanks to a range of comfort features and optional split-side bed rails for even more safety.

    Height Adjustment 

    The Solo Comfort mobility bed has extensive height range adjustment which allows the client to find their desired height for getting in and out of bed. It can also be raised up to a carers waist level to facilitate nursing and personal care on the bed, due to its unique action it lowers down to floor level (11cm) which is excellent for clients who may be at risk of falling out of bed.

    Auto-Regression Profiling

    The ‘Solo Comfort’ electric profiling bed features an advanced auto-regression feature which has been clinically designed to prevent stomach compression and enhance the comfort for users.

    Split Side Rails 

    One of the most unique features of the Solo Comfort recliner bed is the optional split side rails, usually when people require a side rail they are faced with having to have a standard hospital style bed with a full length side rail which can often be very distressing for the client, they can really limit access within the bed and often not be very aesthetically pleasing.

    The head and foot end rails can be raised and lowered independently to meet the users needs.

    Mattress Options

    The Solo Comfort is a reclining mobility bed that has been designed to be used with our entire range of mattresses.

    We have Comfort mattresses with ventilated cool covers or we have a range of Pressure care mattresses depending on the clients requirements.

    Unrestricted Hoist Access

    Due to unique frame design on the Solo Comfort recliner bed, nurses/carers have completely unrestricted access underneath the bed which is excellent for transfers mobile/standing hoists, overbed tables and other mobility equipment.

    Anti-Trendelenburg Tilting 

    The built in Anti-Trendelenburg feature allows the bed to be tilted forwards, helping with respiration and circulation whilst providing excellent postural support.

    Wider Widths

    The Solo Comfort recliner bed is available in a choice of two widths either standard single 3ft / 90cm or for users requiring a little more space a small double 4ft / 120cm.

    Homely Styling

    Just as important as the functionality we feel it is very important for the bed to fit in with a client’s existing furniture which is why we offer this mobility bed with a range of headboard, fabric & side rail wood colour options.


    Product Specifications

    External Length 83.5"
    External Width - 3ft Single 42.5"
    External Width - 4ft Small Double 54"
    Height Range (floor to top of mattress platform) 4.5"-29"
    Weight Limit - 3ft Single 165kg
    Weight Limit - 4ft Small Double 215kg

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