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Tackling Community Falls with Aberdeenshire Council

Our Client

Aberdeenshire Council

The Challenge

Securing the safe lifting of fallers across the Aberdeenshire Council region and maintaining the equipment provision and its continued availability for each of the local healthcare providers groups.

The Background

One of the most common issues facing the older person is that of falls and in some cases the subsequent fractures. For those unfortunate enough to find themselves in this situation it is painful, distressing and can impact on their mental health. The issue of falls and the challenge to get some fallers back to a standing position is not limited to the older demographic it can be an issue across the community and age groups as well as impacting healthcare services.

The Solution

Manual handling techniques when lifting fallers from the floor, are a daily challenge for the healthcare professionals in attendance.  Injuries sustained by healthcare professionals when lifting is an on-going problem resulting in absenteeism. The responsibility of attending to fallers is shared between Aberdeenshire Council’s Adult health and social care services, the NHS and Scottish Ambulance Services.

There were three challenges to address in delivering a safe and efficient solution across the healthcare service provision. Firstly the availability of the latest and most effective lifting equipment. Secondly its efficient distribution. And finally the continued maintenance of the equipment.

Aberdeen City Council community health and social care team contacted Vivid Care with the challenge. Regarding the equipment solution, legacy inflatable products were not considered to be appropriate as being lifted by these products wasn’t considered to be a calming experience for the faller and they also required two carers to attend at all times. We recommended the Raizer emergency lifting chair. A powered lifting device requiring only one carer in attendance providing a highly stable lift ensuring a calming experience for the faller. The decision taken after detailed discussions with our NHS partnership Manager (North) and our Senior Assessor was to order the optimum number of Raizer lifting chairs and that they would be managed centrally. The on-going maintenance agreement would rest with Vivid Care.

The Result

Aberdeenshire Council purchased 50 Raizer lifting chairs. Availability to the chairs is managed centrally by the council’s Joint Community Equipment Store from where Integrated Health and Social Care Teams, the NHS and Scottish Ambulance Services can gain access. Vivid Care has established a partnership with a local maintenance contractor to provide fast efficient servicing.

“We have a large number of Raizer lifting chairs in the community with our care service teams. The Raizer lifting chairs are a real benefit to our staff reducing the stress and resource needed to get fallers back to standing. Although we are far from Yorkshire arranging servicing with Vivid Care was seamless and carried out professionally without issue.”

 Aberdeenshire Council
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    Date Published

    7 November 2022

    Reading Time

    2 minutes