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Workforce Retention Funding with North Lincolnshire Adult Care

We provide the social care workforce with the resources they need to deliver the highest standards of care under the current challenging circumstances. The allocation of the Workforce Retention Funding to Adult Social Care is designed to deliver measures addressing local workforce capacity pressures. The fund runs up to 31 March 2022. In achieving the optimum outcome from accessing the funding councils are briefed to work closely with their partners to deliver innovative solutions.

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Here at Vivid Care, we work with CCGs across the UK supplying products and services that reduce discharge times and increasing the hours of care within the community. The NHS is reliant on a sustainable social care system, and issues of capacity and workforce in social care are having serious implications on the NHS’ ability to discharge large numbers of medically fit patients.

Working in partnership

We work hard to understand the requirements of our customers. North Lincolnshire is a current and much valued example of our work with CCGs. The authority has a network of 80 care providers with around 25% requiring additional resources to address the current workforce pressures. We know the current challenges facing adult social care and we have invested significantly to enable us to address the immediate demands CCGs are facing. It is this insight that means we are in an excellent position to support the measures that address local workforce capacity pressures.

North Lincolnshire Local Authority Adult Care Services as with authorities UK wide are tasked to support timely and safe discharge from hospital into their care provision where ongoing care and support is provided. The North Lincolnshire Authority case study illustrates the work being done to support providers to maintain the provision of safe care and bolstering capacity within providers to deliver more hours of care. Working collaboratively with North Lincolnshire through regular communications to a demanding timescale we established their regional requirements and identified the appropriate product catalogue. The authorities, key considerations aren’t unique:

The challenge is NOW — many of our products are available from stock on 2 — 4 days delivery.

Bariatric care is todays challenge — we specified key bariatric care products.

Supporting workforce capacity is a priority — we included single operator products.

Funding is not infinite — The highest product quality at prices that recognise the immediate requirements

Meeting specific customer requirements

In addition to more generic product the catalogue supplied addressed bariatric care and included products designed to provide the highest standards in bariatric lifting and handling such as the Heavy-Duty Hoist and Bariatric Hoist. The Bariatric Commode and Toilet Frame, Bariatric Profiling Bed and Heavy-Duty Walking Frame were also ordered.

Advanced products have also been made available on 2-4 days delivery including the Raizer M and Raizer II, Emergency lift chairs, the Lento Bariatric Care Chair supporting a weight limit of 50 stone, Lento Care Chairs that are adjustable to fit 80% of the UK population and the Pro Spec Hospital Riser Recliner designed to maximum infection prevention.

At Vivid Care, we are experienced at partnering local authorities, care home groups and the NHS to address capacity challenges with innovative solutions and standardise procurement across key care equipment.

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    Date Published

    7 November 2022

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