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Xenon Manual Wheelchair Range

The Xenon manual active wheelchair range boasts incredible lightweight design that ensures rigidity and comfort for any active user.


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    Product Features

    The Xenon Range features 3 different models that all boast excellent manoeuvrability for active users. They’re lightweight, foldable, and particularly stylish, allowing you smart aesthetics as well as incredible functionality.

    Xenon FF

    At a weight of just 8.8kg, the Xenon FF is another lightweight active wheelchair we stock at Yorkshire Care Equipment. Easy to fold, lift, and transport, the Xenon uses cutting edge design and technology to create a minimalist rigid wheelchair that delivers efficient driving and handling. Designed with a cross brace system, the folding mechanism is easy to operate one-handed and fits compactly under the seat.

    It’s barely noticeable, giving an open frame look and feel to the Xenon without compromising on folding functionality. The advanced locking system can be used by people without finger function and keeps this active wheelchair as compact as possible for easy transportation.

    The Xenon weighs just under 6kg without its quick release wheels, and offers a wide range of customisation options to tailor it to the needs and lifestyle of the individual. Users can choose their own frame and upholstery colours, and there are a selection of additional features such as arm forks and Frog Leg suspension to be considered.

    Xenon Hybrid

    The Hybrid combines a range of features to create a stunning active wheelchair. With a fixed-front frame that’s reinforced to provide the utmost rigidity, the Xenon Hybrid is an ultra-lightweight model that does not compromise the solid, sturdy feel of the chair itself. Weighing just 9.5kg, the Hybrid is particularly easy to lift, fold, and transport.

    Available in 32 different frame colours, you can completely personalise your Xenon Hybrid to suit you. The lightweight structure of this chair also makes it much faster and more efficient with every movement.

    Xenon SA

    Boasting the same benefits as the original Xenon model, the SA also includes swingaway legrests for easier transfers in and out of the chair. Fitted with a cross brace folding system, this active wheelchair is easy to operate with just one hand.

    With simple mechanisms that can be used by individuals with limited finger function, the Xenon SA is a lightweight active wheelchair does not shy away from combining functionality and aesthetics to create an elegant design. At just 10.3kg, it’s easily folded and transported to keep users independent and mobile.

    Product Specifications

    Seat Width (Xenon FF): 320mm — 460mm (32cm — 46cm)
    Seat Depth (Xenon FF): 340mm — 500mm (34cm — 50cm)
    Front Seat Height (Xenon FF): 430mm — 550mm (43cm — 55cm)
    Rear Seat Height (Xenon FF): 370mm — 500mm (37cm — 50cm)
    Back Height (Xenon FF): 250mm — 475mm (25cm — 47.5cm)
    Backrest Angle (Xenon FF): 75° - 103° in 4° increments
    Camber (Xenon FF): 0° / 2° / 4°
    Max. User Weight (Xenon FF): 110kg (17 stone)
    Product Weight (Xenon FF): From 8.8kg
    Frame Colours (Xenon FF): 32 Colours
    Seat Width (Xenon Hybrid): 320mm — 500mm (32cm — 50cm)
    Seat Depth (Xenon Hybrid): 340mm — 500mm (34cm — 50cm)
    Front Seat Height (Xenon Hybrid): 430mm — 550mm (43cm — 55cm)
    Rear Seat Height (Xenon Hybrid): 370mm — 500mm (37cm — 50cm)
    Back Height (Xenon Hybrid): 250mm — 475mm (25cm — 47.5cm)
    Backrest Angle (Xenon Hybrid): 75° - 103° in 4° increments
    Camber (Xenon Hybrid): 0° / 2° / 4°
    Max. User Weight 140kg (22 stone)
    Product Weight (Xenon Hybrid): From 9.5kg
    Colours Available (Xenon Hybrid): 32 Colours
    Seat Width (Xenon SA) 320mm — 500mm (32cm — 50cm)
    Seat Width (Xenon SA): 340mm — 500mm (34cm — 50cm)
    Front Seat Height (Xenon SA): 430mm — 560mm (43cm — 56cm)
    Rear Seat Height (Xenon SA): 370mm — 500mm (37cm — 50cm)
    Back Height (Xenon SA): 250mm — 475mm (25cm — 47.5cm)
    Backrest Angle (Xenon SA): 75° - 103°
    Camber (Xenon SA): 0° / 2° / 4°
    Max. User Weight (Xenon SA): 125kg (19.70 stone)
    Product Weight (Xenon SA): From 10.3 kg

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