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The Magic 360 Electric Wheelchair

Introducing the Magic 360 a powered chair that is just as comfortable around your home as it is outdoors. A first in a combination of indoor manoeuvrability and true off-road capability.


The Magic 360 powerchair combines indoor manoeuvrability, with genuine off-road performance, premium build quality and design.



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    Product Features

    A compact 610 mm wide chassis means the Magic 360 can navigate most indoor settings, including home, school and work. The Magic 360 features True Mid Wheel Drive technology, it goes where other off-road chairs can only dream of. The Magic 360 pushes the boundaries of where an everyday wheelchair can go. The Magic 360 can take whatever is thrown at it in its stride.

    Single arm castor forks, magnetised hub covers, crossover wheels and a choice of 13 colours, are a few of the details that set this chair apart. A compact chassis fits seamlessly around your home, work or school environment, giving you true 360° freedom. The world’s most versatile compact chair with off-road capability. Tailored to the world indoors and outdoors.

    Key Features:

    • Top speed of 6mph
    • User weight up to 160kg (25 stone)
    • Compact chassis navigates tight areas
    • Adjustable seating for the perfect fit
    • Turning Circle: True Mid Wheel Drive
    • Available in a range of 13 colours and finishes
    • Powerful 14“drive wheels take you across any terrain! (Urban/Crossover/Off Road)
    • Crash tested & approved for forward facing transport in a vehicle (ISO 7176-19).

    Product Specifications

    Wheelchair Weight: From 140kg
    Maximum User Weight (SWL): 160kg (25 stone)
    Seat Width: 305 mm - 535 mm
    Seat Depth: 405 mm - 610 mm
    Seat Height: 430 mm - 480 mm
    Backrest Height: 405 mm - 510 mm
    Backrest angle (Fixed): (0° - 15°) /
    Backrest Angle (Manual): (0° - 170°)
    Backrest Angle (Powered): 0° - 160°
    Seat Tilt: (0 - 50°)
    Lift & Tilt: (300 mm lift, 0 - 45°)
    Overall Length: 983 mm - 1160 mm
    Speed: 6mph (10 kph)
    Battery Size: 73 Ah
    Turning Diameter: 1230 mm
    Max Kerb Climb: 100 mm (4")
    Wheel options Max. range: (ISO 7176-4) 35 km (22 miles)
    Crash Tested: Crash tested: Yes - Approved for forward facing transport in a vehicle (ISO 7176-19).

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