Hip'Guard Belt Replacement Gas Cartridge

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Replacement CO2 gas cartridge for the Hip’Guard Hip Fracture Protection Belt. These single-use cartridges are specially designed for safe use with Hip’Guard airbags.


After airbag use, quickly and easily change the cartridge to reuse your Hip’Guard.




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    Product Features

    Hip’Guard is a reusable fall protection device that uses innovative motion analysis, fall detection, and airbag technology to protect the wearer from hip fractures during a fall.

    These Hip’Guard gas cartridges inflate the left or right airbag in the event of a fall. The cartridges are for single use only and must be replaced after each inflation. Only the gas cartridge on the side that has been inflated must be replaced.

    Provides full airbag inflation in 0.8 seconds. No gas is released externally and no heat is generated. This allows for safe and comfortable airbag inflation.

    How to Use

    Hip’Guard gas cartridges are easy to replace in under 5 minutes. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Remove the protective belt cover.
    2. Disconnect and remove the empty gas cartridge.
    3. Release the air from the airbag and fold it back into the belt.
    4. Insert and connect the new cartridge.
    5. Replace the protective belt cover.

    Training Video

    Watch the training video to see just how easy it is to replace an empty cartridge.

    The belt can then be reused straight away!


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