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Sara Stedy Compact

The Sara Stedy compact helps smaller patient stand with only the support from one caregiver. The easy-to-use device enables the patient to have an active role in the standing process and thereby help promote early mobilisation. The device is also essential to any caregiver to redistribute weight and reduce the overall force required, therefore reducing the risk of injury.



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    Product Features

    Single Carer Transfers & Stand Assist

    The Sara Stedy compact allows a lone caregiver to provide support for patients when going from a seated position to a standing position. The easy-to-use device allows the patient more mobility, whilst also protecting the caregiver from straining injuries.

    Avoid Moving & Handling Injuries

    The Sara Stedy compact is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who struggles standing even with assistance. The device is a comfortable and practical solution that allows the patient to have more freedom and mobility. Additionally, the device is invaluable for any caregiver, as they no longer need to support the full body weight of a patient, helping to prevent any stains or injuries.

    Every feature is designed with support at the heart, including the knee support and a cross bar handle. The Dementia Services Development Centre has awarded the Sara Stedy a 1B rating class.

    This is for users between 4″6 and 5″8.

    • Assists sit to stand transfer
    • Promotes early mobilisation
    • Requires a single caregiver

    Product Specifications

    Maximum User Weight: 182 kg (29 Stone)
    Total Height: 960 mm (37.8")
    Total Width: 890 mm (35")
    Lift Total Length: 920 mm (36")

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