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VELA Bariatric+ Patient Chair

This robust bariatric patient chair with wheels allows safe working practice for staff in a clinic or hospital.


  • Bariatric patient chair with wheels
  • Electric handset control
  • Foot-operated brake
  • Adjustable push bar
  • Robust armrests
  • Height adjustable


Electrically controlled with a wired handset. Supports patients up to 300kg (47.5 st)



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    Product Features

    Ergonomic Bariatric Chair for Hospitals & Clinics:

    This bariatric hospital patient chair offers staff a safe working practice and improves the patient experience.

    Designed with an extra-wide seating area to accommodate a range of obese users, this heavy-duty hospital chair on wheels supports weight limits up to 300kg.

    Created for healthcare environments, this obese patient friendly chair is upholstered with infection control materials that are easily wiped clean with standard healthcare disinfectants.

    This Patient Chair is Suitable for:

    • Hospitals & Clinics
    • Patient rehabilitation
    • Patient transfers
    • Hospital wards

    This bariatric chair has been created to support obese users in a maintaining correct sitting posture.

    Designed to be used while performing indoor activities of daily living including work activities in hospital environments.

    *The wheel brake must always be activated when sitting down or standing up.

    Bariatric Patient Chair with Wheels

    Made for the moving and handling of bariatric patients, the VELA bariatric+ patient chair is designed to help reduce the frequency of healthcare staff moving and handling injuries.

    Patients with reduced mobility have the option to ‘walk’ the chair over to their destination with the durable wheels.

    Appropriate bariatric medical equipment for handling obese patients can reduce the risk of healthcare staff taking on physical strain and potentially developing musculoskeletal injuries.

    An easy to use and strong handbrake to the side of the chair controls all 4 wheels at the same time.


    Wide adjustability allows patients and staff to customise their chair and find the ideal seating position for themselves.

    Adjustable features on the Bariatric+ Patient Care Chair with wheels include:

    • Electrical height adjustment
    • Backrest recline
    • Armrest height

    Help Staff Avoid Physical Strain

    The right bariatric healthcare equipment can allow a hospital or clinic to run much more efficiently.

    The VELA bariatric+ patient chair allows hospital staff to receive and support of bariatric patients throughout their treatment and hospital stay.

    When a bariatric patient arrives at a hospital or clinic, their treatment can be delayed because staff are waiting for assistance from colleagues.

    The VELA bariatric+ chair supports patients up to 300kg (47¼ stone) and eliminates the need for extra support from hospital staff.

    Easily transport and transfer bariatric patients in a hospital or clinic and use the bariatric+ chair as a waiting chair by using the powerful handbrake.

    Hospitals Wards & Clinics

    This chair is also at home in hospital wards as a walking/ambulatory aid for reduced mobility patients with daily tasks during their admission.

    • Transport bariatric patients with thanks to the robust wheels
    • Use this chair as a ‘lift chair’ for patients to ensure hospital or clinic staff maintain a good working position and posture.
    • Electrical height adjustment with wired handset

    Increases patient confidence and independence during their hospital stay as they require less help from nurses and other healthcare staff.

    Hygiene Benefits

    This extra-wide ergonomic bariatric chair can also ensure that staff adhere adhere to the most stringent hygiene policies in your hospital or clinic.

    • Backrest with black edge bands that prevent dirt collecting in the joints of the chair.
    • Easy to clean surfaces with no recesses where dirt can gather.
    • Light-coloured surfaces make it easy to spot marks when cleaning.
    • Easy-clean underside to the chair.
    • Wipeable with hospital grade disinfectants (alcohol/chlorine at recommended ratios)

    Private Homes:

    This heavy-duty patient chair is created with medical environments in minds but is also suitable for use in private homes.

    The large weight capacity and ergonomic design mean this wheeled medical chair is also suitable for obese patients looking for a chair at home or in their work environments.

    The ergonomic design means that this chair can also work as a comfortable obesity friendly rolling chair because of its wheels. Its modern styling and practical, heavy-duty design design allows this bariatric chair to be used as a work chair. that can be taken.

    Work Offices: Sturdy Work Chair

    Although created specifically for healthcare environments, this sturdy chair for obese individuals can also double as a large weight limit office or work from home chair.

    This heavy-duty ergonomic office ready chair rests on practical wheels and features a reliable handbrake for added user confidence.

    Heavy-Duty Obesity Friendly Hospital Chair with Wheels

    Product Specifications

    Seat (W x D): 72 x 50 cm (28.3 x 19.7 in)
    Backrest (W x H): 38 x 43 cm (15.0 x 16.9 in)
    Seat Height W x H): 42 - 57 cm (16.5 - 22.4 in)
    Armrest Pad: (W x L): 9 x 30 cm (3.5 x 11.8 in)
    Armrest Height (measured from seat): 0 - 24 cm (0 - 9.4 in)
    Frame size: 58 x 58 cm (22.8 x 22.8 in)
    Max weight capacity: 300kg (600lbs, 47.2 stone)

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