Mobile Day Surgery Chair

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Introducing our portable day surgery chair, designed for efficient patient transport and surgical procedures. This chair is ideal for A&E wards with its multiple positioning options, ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety.


This hospital chair has a mobile design that allows for easy portering around between locations and in surgery and features multiple positioning options making it ideal for a range of treatments in A&E wards.

Product Description

Product Features


Can be operated like a stretcher, and is lightweight, stable and easy to move. Double transportation handles with ergonomic grips.

Patient Positioning

The chair has a wide range of positioning options to cater to patient needs, such as:

Trendelenburg – the lie-flat position is tilted at a negative angle so that the foot end is higher than the head end.

Lateral decubitus positioning – patient is on their side lying down. The seat width can be extended on both sides to perform procedures in this position.


The chair has a headrest and motorised footrest to maximise comfort while seated. Made with a very sturdy frame that provides a high shock tolerance and longevity.

Folding side rails

The side rails fold away to allow easy transfer on and off the chair, and can be easily removed if required.

Centralised Braking System

The centralised brake is operated using a footswitch.


High-grade upholstery, antibacterial and flame retardant

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